Culmination of VIBGYOR becomes WHITE

I’ve always seen them in the trains or going from one shop to other, asking for money and always in groups or at least in pairs. The Transgender. I did check with Wiki, for the usage of this term, so I guess its right.

I always used to feel quite sad about them, their status in the society, how they are looked down upon as human beings, for things that are not in their control.  It troubles me to see that they can’t get a job or be treated equally, because of this changed sexuality in them.

How unfair is life to them ???

They don’t even receive a kind word or smile from others, as though their changed sexuality is contagious.

During many train rides, I had seen my younger daughter hiding behind me, whenever she sees any of the transgenders coming around, asking for money. And even when I give them some money, she’ll be terrified and totally hides her face behind my back.  I used to think about teaching my daughter that there’s no need to fear them.

And then there’s a time for everything.

Its been two years now, since she asked me about transgenders and I had tried to explain it to her in the best way possible and how they are ill-treated in the society.  She was angered and saddened.  Now, slowly her fear has changed to kindness.

She gives them money, during the train rides to school, if she happens to see any of them.

And one day, she saw a transgender, who came and asked for money.

When she was about to give, pat came a question “Are you studying?”

My daughter nodded her head.

The next statement stunned my daughter – “I’ll not take money from a student. You have it. BTW, which class are you studying?? I’ve done my Science major.”

That left my daughter near to tears. A person who had good education to their credit, was going around asking for money.

What a sad world we live in !!! 😦

They don’t have good living conditions, their family hates them, they don’t get a good job to their credit. They don’t want our pity. I feel they want respect, as human to human.

Its time they come out from their dark world and start living in a BRIGHT WHITE world !  There need to be huge change in our attitude, in the way we treat others without discrimination – physically disabled, skin-color, LGBT community !!


10 Replies to “Culmination of VIBGYOR becomes WHITE”

  1. I SO love this post!! This is something that has made me wonder as well. It is terrible how we treat them as sub-human, or below-human level. They don’t need sympathy, but they deserve the dignity to live life on their own terms.

    However the annoying part is when MEN – fully grown, normal men – dress up as transgenders and start money collection. It seriously angers me. As if there wasn’t enough manipulation in the world already! 😡


  2. Wow. Am stunned. I have interacted with so many transgenders, and their world . . . is living hell. Forced to beg for a living bcoz they are treated like shit by the ridiculous society of today. They are the kindest people I have seen too. And when they bless me with a simple touch to my forehead, I feel a divine sense of happiness. 🙂


    1. Thats the sad state they are in, for no mistake of theirs…
      I can understand that feeling of happiness !!! But there are many around who hate it when they touch them…


  3. Uma, bravo for writing this post. My Ph. D was on trangenders and I have stayed on and off with them during that period. They are like any of us but society does not see them kindly. They are pushed off to the margins and so they start becoming aggressive towards people. Sad state.

    Joy always,


  4. Agree, they are ill-treated and not-accepted by the society. So they have become so aggressive and resort to extortion of money from shops and people. More than feeling sympathetic, people are apprehensive of them.


  5. But they should not force people to give money, no? Some (maybe disguised as transgenders) do this. Also, people should not show discrimination based on that factor alone – I have seen a few transgenders who have successfully integrated with the mainstream.

    Destination Infinity


  6. Don’t take me wrong uma..that’s a easy way to make money….Yes i agree we discriminate them but they too scare you when they come to your house to beg…i remember the moment they make noise in the street we kids used to run into the house and close the door….


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