The “LET GO” test of mine

I am in this phase of life, where I have encountered the “LET GO” reality test !!  Yes, my daughter is off to college in a matter of 2 weeks and I’ve to prove it to myself that I am very good at doing this test, as this is what I’ve been trying hard to practice from day one of motherhood.

Even though I condition my mind and especially the heart to go through this test in the best possible way, there are moments that make me feel low and those special moments when I’ll miss my daughter more.

While she is excitedly talking about packing this and packing that, I feel the house will become very quiet without her incessant chatter.

Those beautiful hands which make a fantastic chai, whenever I am so tired is something that I’ll miss for sure.

That smiling face, that baby like cuddling in the bed – Oh yeah, I’ll miss that too!!

I’ll miss our Harry Potter sessions where we still get enthralled at Hogwarts school !!

Her amazing sense of understanding and the quiet support through my rant time, will be missed totally.

Even though she is quite independent and can do her things all by herself, there are certain things I love to do for her – like a simple scrambled eggs made specially for her brings out the light in her eyes !! I’ll miss those too…

Our baking sessions together are so much fun – we’ve enjoyed so much while making the cinnamon rolls and garlic rolls!!! I wonder when will be our next baking session !!!

Shopping sprees with her are great as she is a great shopaholic like me and has tremendous patience to go through many stores, just like me!! I am going to miss our shopping adventures !!!

Beyond all these little things that I’ll miss, her presence in the house will be totally missed.  But I think, that I am ready for this, to pass my “LET GO” test, in flying colors.  Only if I do my test well, my daughter can do her career test very well.

Thank God for small things like SKYPE, that’ll make me feel better.

I might be one emotional ball and make my daughter feel bad or I might put forward my best smile forward, making my daughter feel happier about staying on her own in the hostel.  Life is all about “LET GO” attitude, which will make us more happier in the longer run.

Just wait for an update on the result of my test 🙂


14 Replies to “The “LET GO” test of mine”

  1. This post had me thinking ahead to the time in future when my own daughters will be flying the nest. Hugs, Uma, and I am sure you will pass the test with flying colours. Best wishes to you and your daughter.


  2. Awww! hugs hugs…I guess its wonderful you are ready to ‘let go’ thats what most parents find difficult!

    All the best to you and Daughter…I am sure you will skype it all away 🙂


  3. hmmm…….so the bird is ready to fly off the nest. like all other phases in your life, you and your daughter will successfully sweep through this also, uma! best wishes to you and your daughter.


  4. Awww… hugs! And she will miss this blessing of a mother too… more than you can imagine 🙂 This is a new phase of life. You will enjoy it in your own way!

    P.S.: Where is she off to exactly? Could u email me, in case you don’t want to share it here?


  5. Aww.. My daughter started her preschool and what all day I do is miss her. I started feeling too odd about this, like am I the only overly-attached momma? But now I feel it’s as natural as anything else and I have to get ready for the events in coming years.


  6. Aww, that’s natural… I can imagine what it means… but at the same time I’m pretty sure you like a brave woman will get through this with flying colors… you’re the best mom and you’ll handle it well 🙂

    Good luck to the daughter.. she’ll do good!


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