The Bat call which woke us up…

My alarm was set for 5.15 am – Oh yeah, I need to pack lunch for my younger one and she leaves by 7 am !

But then it was not even 5, when all this happened…

I was in a dream world, driving somewhere in the car – can’t remember much but the drive was just going on and on.

Suddenly I hear screams “Maaaaa….” Β  “Ma……..” 😯

Is it in my dream or is it real???

My motherly instincts made me sit up…

My younger one came running and crying and talking all the same time. It took us some time to understand that there is a bat in the living room. She had got up early to study for a test and suddenly a baby bat had tried to show its flying skills to her. She was shit scared of it.

So, we went bat hunting at 5 am in the morning. Β The moment we switched on all the lights, we couldn’t locate it, as the bat refused to come out in the lights.

We switched off all the lights, and then waited – still no bat!!!

Now, we pacified the daughter and sent her into the room to study.

While the tiny bat called out to us, there was a different kind of bat which called out to the husband, as he took refuge in front of the idiot box and the only sport which India knows – saying this way, he can look at the bat hits and also the flying bat. Β What an idea sirji πŸ˜€

Still, no sight of the bat, but feels funny when I type it down πŸ˜†


9 Replies to “The Bat call which woke us up…”

  1. hahahah! how cute is the last line

    but bats are scary..hugs to the younger one…I have had a bad experience in Baroda where I used to live with a bat…bad meaning, it came, it scared, it conquered, while I was left crying πŸ™‚


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