An amazing wedding that happened…

I remember clearly the preparations of which started late last year, when dates were finalized.  There was excitement in the air, as the wedding is happening in the family after a gap of 18 years.  Mine was the last wedding which was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone in the family. And I was waiting to enjoy this one totally.

The bride’s shopping started last year, with the bridal sari, which was bought on an auspicious day.  And when we entered the Nalli Silks, we realized many people have thought so – to buy sari on the same auspicious day. It was packed, no space to sit or move. Among this sea of faces, to find a sari of your choice required great patience and clear focus. And we were all totally for this task.  All she asked was a bridal red kanchivaram silk sari.  To find the right shade of red, what my darling bride was looking for, did take some time, but it was totally worth it.  And the day she wore it, with all the bridal accompaniments, she was a real image version of the Ravi Verma painting, in that bright red sari. God bless her !!

An amazing wedding that happened…

We had a trip to Kanchipuram, the temple city and the silk capital of India, for all the other sari shopping – Oh! What an amazing trip it turned out to be !!! To be in the midst of pure silks, those lovely colors, the saris that make you feel like models, choosing which color will suit whom – everything was a wonderful experience to enjoy.

The visit to the weaver’s area made us feel all the more special, as we got to watch threads being made into beautiful hymns called saris. And to think a sari made like this is going to adorn us on the wedding day, just built the excitement in the air.

We had to force ourselves to come out of the colorful, silk-full world to land with a thud on the humid Chennai coasts.  But the humidity was no concern, when thinking about the wedding – the excitement was catching on with everyone in the family circle and even others.

An amazing wedding that happened…

The blouses were stitched…accessories planned and bought…the bride’s cousins were going crazy with some dance rehearsals, planning for dresses, stitching / buying new outfits – one thing was sure, the whole family was going crazy like hell – the wedding fever was catching on.

An amazing wedding that happened…

And finally we went to Bangalore, a week before the wedding. WOW…what an amazing week it had been!!! I just wish the whole fun and frolic continues…

Everyday was a day to behold in the heart, rejoice with fun memories and cherish forever 🙂  Full credit goes to the bride’s and the groom’s parents for such an amazing time together, as a family.

The Mehndi function happened in all its glory, with great music, food and an extra special kick was by the Dhol gang !!! What amazing Dhol performance, which made all of us dance to the beats of the drums !!!  And it was also the day of performance by the bride’s cousins and what a show it was – simply perfect for the setting.

And while we were still dancing to the tunes of the dhol and the great music, with henna on our hands, we had to prepare for the next day’s grand gala affair.

An amazing wedding that happened…

A perfectly simple, meaningful and a wonderful wedding ceremony, done the Arya Samaj way brought in a beautiful couple to stand as husband and wife before us. It felt like a dream wedding.

An amazing wedding that happened…

A DJ and dance floor, completed the evening Reception and there was none, who didn’t hit the dance floor on that night. Such was the magic pull of the evening that everyone went berserk dancing to the tunes of English, Tamil, Hindi hits – that was one great time together.

I still remember how my feet were just dancing even while I was in bed, late at night 😉

An amazing wedding that happened…

A week after the wedding, the mind is refusing to believe that it’s already happened.
The heart is still racing with excitement, for more fun things to happen.
Dreams of dancing late into the night, make me smile through the night.

Had a beautiful dream of the groom’s parents coming home for a dinner to an authentic South Indian thali of Vetha Kuzhambu (spicy tangy sambar minus the dhal) and Vazhai poo paruppu usili (Banana flower and dhal) !!! How in the heaven’s name I remember every one of the dream, related to the wedding is a surprise to me !!! I just wish that this happens for sure 🙂

An amazing wedding that happened…

Yesterday night, there was this wedding dream again…a Royal wedding, on big palatial grounds, all of us going from one palace to another, great food, awesome fun times, dancing together, laughing aloud….I just didn’t want the dream to end !!!

We have been totally spoiled with fun and frolic and never another wedding is going to happen like this.  A wedding fun, which refuses to leave the body and mind…all of us still gloating inside that happy wedding world.

An amazing wedding that happened…

I don’t know how to come back to the real living world, as every moment is filled with happiness from that one week.  Many hugs to the bride’s parents, for making all this happen and helping us go home with a treasure load of memories and happiness.

Couldn’t control the urge to write about this…had to do it 🙂


21 Replies to “An amazing wedding that happened…”

  1. Now this is so incomplete without pictures. You could’ve added atleast one or two pics so that we could have seen some of the beautiful things that you have described so well.

    Glad to see you, Uma. Now don’t disappear again.

    Joy always,


    1. I wish I had Susan…was so busy enjoying the wedding that I didn’t get copies from the clickers…shall try for them soon 🙂

      And I promise to stick myself to my blog… 😉

      Hugs Susan 🙂


  2. finally you are back with a thud!!!!! 🙂 waiting for a feast of posts like this to compensate your absence.
    weddings are always fond memories to cherish and your description of that made it feel so grand.
    lol @ dancing in bed.


    1. Yeah…one amazing time we had Dhana…the memories are just staying on…and I am glad for that 🙂

      I too hope so that I get to write more and more…had been missing my space here…thanks for your support 🙂


  3. I second Susan… we want pictures. Sounds like an amazingly beautiful royal wedding. Glad that you all had a great time too. 🙂


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