Survival, Hope, Faith @ LOP

****This is not a movie review, but a movie impact****

Survival, Hope, Faith

These words found a new meaning in my vocabulary with sensational graphics and replaced my coined words from the Oxford.

Of course, I’ve read the book and I don’t think that a better reproduction of the book is possible. When I read the book, it was my own imagination and visualization of the acts and scenes in the book and I was amazed that I did closely match with some visuals of Ang Lee. Especially that particular scene of land where the water changes its nature over night.

I was stumped by many a scenes with graphics and special effects ruling the screen. The one in which the whale jumps out of the water – AMAZING !!!

The blue lighted sea – BEAUTIFUL !!!

The way the camera made us see through Richard Parker’s soul, just through his eyes – TOUCHING !!! Boy, is he a tiger or human – he touched a chord somewhere inside.

Just loved it – every scene, every dialogue !!! In fact, I was totally sinking in the ocean with Pi !!! And every word spoken, every scene enacted reminds me of the book page by page. Such brilliance in direction.

And the impact of the movie is such that, you question your basic principles of God or what He means to you !!! I loved the way Pi changes – scared during the first thunderstorm and brave and courageous during the second thunderstorm – actually trying to face the Super power of the World, through the lightning and stormy waves !!! And what a humbling experience to shout “I surrender” !!!

There is some super power, which gives us the strength and hope to go on with life. Β Many moments may not be what we want or what we like. But we still have to face it, as it’s a test of life. And when we go through some really tough situations, there are some positive signs around us to show us the way out. Sometimes we are pushed to do things, which we’ll never think of doing before. That’s another way of strengthening us.

Amazing experience watching LOP !!! And such an amazing life’s lesson, told really well !!!


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18 Responses to Survival, Hope, Faith @ LOP

  1. LG says:

    I doubt if I would watch it because I simply hated the book – I don’t like modern books that talk philosophy in the pretense of a story (think Ayn Rand, or Vishnupuram). Even epics like the Mahabharatham and Ramayanam, I like more for the story (Mahabharatham more than the Ramayanam) than the philosophy. But that of course reflects more on my own imbecility than the books.

    I am glad that the movie seems to have kept up to all the hype that has been created around it.


  2. ashreyamom says:

    i am waiting to watch it over the weekend.. :).


  3. R's Mom says:

    I havent read the book, and I am not a fan of book converted to movie. I guess across the blogworld everyone has the same thing to say as you. Now I am wondering should I read the book first or should I watch the movie first?

    What do you suggest?


    • Bins says:

      Try the movie. U will be compelled to read the book. I have not read the book. I think the same way as u do. but try the movie. The visuals are arresting. Also, I don’t know if there is a regular version, but do try the 3D version. πŸ˜€


  4. I haven’t read the book (surprisingly) and I’m hoping to catch the movie, Uma. Your review makes me want to watch it even more. Thanks.


  5. Waiting to watch this πŸ™‚


  6. I will be watching it tooooooo πŸ™‚


  7. Shilpa Garg says:

    This movie has such positive reviews… will be definitely watching it this weekend with Aaryan!


  8. Bins says:

    Have not read the book. I am not big on philosophy in that way. But now I am compelled to read the book. I always feel that there is no way to capture the writers imagination, the angst, the happiness. but since you say that the movie has done justice to the book, I am gonna try it too.


  9. Ashwathy says:

    Pah!! I’ve been hearing so much about this one. Need to catch the movie soon!!


  10. Lakshmi says:

    I couldn’t manage to finish reading the book. but would love to catch the movie as it could be more passive (hence lighter) and especially for the visuals.


  11. pixie says:

    ooh! I cant wait to watch this movie!! Sunday – we have a date – K and I πŸ˜‰


  12. dhana says:

    me and my kids are already waiting to watch it. cant resist more after reading your post. will make it during chennai visit. only tamil version is running here. dont want to see that.

    last para is absolutely true. cant really understand this ‘super power’ which drives us crazy many times.


  13. Snow says:

    Watching it over the weekend πŸ™‚ Thanks for the sharing the review πŸ™‚


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