Down memory lane…

This week Blogadda gave us a topic of my choice :

“Memories” – Pick up any photograph from your past and write down the memories associated with it.

Aha…how I love to do that. Actually, I am perpetually on Picasa, going through the albums and the old pics !!! Of course, secretly looking out for DP and cover pics 😉  Well, thats beside this post !!!

But the only problem I found was I couldn’t decide on one particular picture to share the memories. There were many many memories hidden behind every album and I decided to post a few with the memory associated with it 🙂

The cutest duck ever 🙂

I’ve always been so proud of this picture which I took, as this best describes me – the cloud staring person that is 🙂 My elder one and me share this lovely bond of cloud-love and we are constantly looking for something in the sky, among the clouds. There are competitions between me and the daughter as to who takes the best cloud pics and this seems to be bestest of ours so far !!!

A Rack full of eggs !!!

You can wonder at what kind of picture is this !!! But to the baker in me, this is certainly a classic motivation !!! Nothing simulates me better than this to start the fire in me which flames like “Bake Uma, Bake now” !!! 🙂

Now, I think you’ll agree….if you anytime feel like eating cake, just visit me with a box of eggs 😛

Durga Puja Pandal

This is one of my favourite pics from our trip to Kolkatta 5 years back. Awed is an understatement for the feeling I had looking at all the pandals and the impressive decorations. Such fantastic display of creativity totally dazzled me. There are many other pandals, like the sun’s chariot, the Taj, the underwater sea – total thinking out of the box kinds. Along with the pandal pictures, credit goes to the amazing, mouth watering, delicious Kolkatta food, which is to die for – puchka, mishti doi, rosogulla, sandesh, luchi + aloo dum – OMG, I think I need another trip there 🙂

Festival of lights

My favourite favourite festival – the Karthigai Deepam, when the whole house lits up and totally makes me so happy from the inside. The food part too never disappoints me as we make the vella pori, vella appam, ragi vella adai – a total Vellam (Jaggery) treat !!!

And what better way to talk about this, when this festival is just coming in the next 4 days…am ready to celebrate.

So, are you ???
This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda


22 Replies to “Down memory lane…”

  1. thats a lovely job i also love to do, looking at the old photos (esp my kids’)and getting submerged in old memories.
    all beautiful pics, visual treat! good ‘kanvannam and kaivannam’.
    all the best for the contest and wishes for ‘karthigai deepam’.


  2. I hadn’t been much of a cloud starer, as you put it, until very recently when I went to Himachal. I guess the skies in Pune just aren’t as clear and pollution-free as any average cloud watcher would appreciate! Love the duck 😀


  3. i too love watching the clouds, and the amazing patterns which you can derive from it.. deepam my favorite festival too.. missing chennai a lot.. how mice it would be to see all the house lit with lamps.. every balcony is decorated, every floor is sparking with colours and lights..


  4. That was a perfectly compiled post, with the right mix of everything nice. 😀
    PS: Why did you remind me of luchi and aloo dum? No one makes that like my Granny does and I am yearning for a plateful now. 😦


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