My Patti…

…is my favorite person in this world. Many hugs to her.

She was the person who carried me all along with her, when my mom had to tend to my just-born sister. Her soft hands and warm words never fail to melt my heart. Even though she has shrunk much owing to her age, she is quite warm and wonderful to hug. Its such a comforting feeling.

When the Nilam was storming over Chennai, my patti was suffering from severe stomach pain. The intense rains and wind pushed us to stay indoors – not to forget the power cut.

So, as soon as normalcy returned to our area, we took her to the GP, whom I knew for the past 2 years in Chennai. After the regular questions on symptoms and other stuff, the doctor wanted to examine her stomach.

Then that examining table hit my eyes !!! In the 2 years of visiting this GP occasionally, I never had the requirement to even see that examining table. And now it came as quite shocking for me. It was quite high, much above my waist level. And for the octogenarian woman, who is quite short by nature, it’ll be totally impossible to climb onto that table for examination, even with the help of a stool.

Three of us literally carried my patti and made her lie down on that table. The first experience of bad Geriatic care. And that made me wonder why can’t they have adjustable table heights for elderly people like my patti ???

These are the people who need the utmost care; they have made us to what we are today. And there is no proper care even at a doctor’s place.

Now this GP wrote for an Ultra sound. And at the Scanning Centre too, its the same problem. The table is quite high and non-adjustable and the steps are even worse.

These tables are designed with the doctors and the Scanning technicians comfort in mind and not to serve the patients at all. This is such a very bad state. While the medical community is commercializing on everything, why can’t they provide with comfortable seating and examination tables for elders ??

After this report came, we were referred to a Gastroenterologist. And it was the same problem again – a very high table and another high stool to climb.

My patti was admitted in the hospital for 3 days. She was diagnosed to be having very low blood supply to her abdominal area, which happens due to old age. Β And she was discharged today, feeling much better – Thank God.

But all through her stay in the hospital, I found that no beds nor examining tables were available, which my patti felt comfortable to even get on to it. This is such a bad state of medical treatment available here. And I was totally agitated and angered at all the uncomfortable tables, my Patti was made to climb. That proved to be more painful, than her actual abdominal pain.

Isn’t time that this country wakes up to a longer life span among the people living here and the related issues ??

Isn’t it our responsibility to provide better medical care for our aged parents and grandparents ??

The only place where I found adjustable height for the table, was in the CT Scan room !!! And that’s not the place to be always, right ???

Its not enough that we have sweet and comforting words for our older generation. We need to also have their comfort in mind in making these doctor visits a better experience for them.


19 Replies to “My Patti…”

  1. Glad to hear your Paati is Ok Uma. And you are right, our medical care needs to improve by leaps and bounds!! And imagine , if this is the state of Private medical care, how bad would the Govt. hospitals be 😦


    1. Exactly, this is one point of view of mine, after facing with difficulties in a hosp. But there are other 101 issues which needs to be attended to. I wish at least the hospitals can listen to our suggestions and incorporate them slowly.


  2. glad that she is fine now! one more place where the elder people find difficulty is the footsteps of some buses which are difficult to climb,why are they so high? even i find it difficult to climb with luggages in my hand. you are right, why these designers are ignoring comfort of people, which shd be their first priority.


  3. Oh Thank God! she is better…yep..but its weird you know, until I read this on your blog, I dont think I even realised that this can be such a problem! Hasnt it every struck anyone earlier?


    1. I thought so too…I am facing this situation now becos of my patti !!! Hasn’t anyone faced this problem before ???
      Those tables are awfully bad height for even pregnant women !!!


  4. Good to know she is fine now.

    Usually for high beds, small set of steps are provided to be able to climb onto them. Top hospitals like Apollo etc. have beds whose height can be adjusted I think. But for the remaining ones, the status remains the same sadly 😦


    1. The steps are difficult for older ppl Ash…she can’t raise herself at all !!! Its such a simple mechanism to add variable height to tables…I wish ppl think and change this most required thing.


  5. Good to know she is doing much better now. I do wish that there are better facilities for old people , which i find not there in india.

    Here in uk special thought is given for things like this , how they will climb stairs, or walk that much or do this or that ..

    Govt needs to do something, make it compulsory for people to design stuff that makes things easier for everyone …


  6. Glad that your patti is better now. Take care.
    While private and new hospitals have adjustable beds etc but the older hospitals…
    Yeah we need a lot of sensitivity, compassion towards patients, which is thoroughly lacking!


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