I wish someone told me…

I wish someone told me that the way to a man’s heart is not through his stomach, but by showing great enthusiasm for all the cricket matches and cheering along !!! 🙄

Oh yeah…the formula has changed over the years. Probably the way to a man’s heart, was easily accessible through the stomach, in the ages when only Test Cricket ruled the world. The matches happened at a much slower pace. There was time for the man to even look at his loving wife, during long periods of no action.

And the wife could whiz up his favorite snack or meal and all would be well between them. 🙂

One more point to be noted was that the Indian squad will go for one tour in a year, probably. And may be another country will tour India, in the same year. So, altogether there will be 5 + 5 test matches at the maximum. And that is 50 days in a year. The rest of the days in the year, the husband is totally dedicated to the wife. Even if matches happened around the world, not all the matches were telecast or broadcast in our city. The man was totally dependent on the paper to know the details. Ain’t life was much simpler then !!!

Even when they started with the One day matches, the number of cricket crazy days went up to 60. The wife was still in a win-win situation with 10 months, to make a proper way to the heart !!! 😉

But, today there are matches almost everyday of the year. If not India, its West Indies – the favourite team of the husband !!! And then it could be Pakistan, but it has to be seen. Of course, who can miss an exciting match when Australia is playing ???

And mind you, its not 1, but we have subscribed to about 10 sports channels !!! 😯

There is some match in any of the channels on any given day at any time.

If no match is happening to be seen live, these channel people sure know how to hold the viewers in check – they put up some World Cup match where India had won !!! That’s enough to make the cricket buff sit in front of the TV, forever !!

Among all this cricket hungama, actually the wife is saved many a times – for the food he eats goes unnoticed, as it pops from the plate to the mouth !!! It can be anything – dosa / roti / maggi or curd rice – there are no complaints nor any appreciations !!! Actually there is no acknowledgement too…sometimes !!! 😦

Its during the time between a toss and when the players come into the field, or during the players lunch break or tea break, the man realizes that there is a wife hovering around the house, doing some crazy household things, instead of sitting next to him and enjoy the game.

Sometimes, the wife gives into this crazy idea of watching the match with him. But the idea of watching cricket match day after day, night after night, all through the year makes her go crazy !!!

Now, after living with this cricket crazy husband for many years, all she could change was the one-liner, which she has learnt wrongly !!!

The way to her man’s heart, is certainly not through his stomach !!! 😉

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19 Replies to “I wish someone told me…”

        1. ROFL and I can so relate to this one 😛
          I keep teasing Su sometimes that I come after work, cricket and tennis 😉 And he adds, ‘No, u are wrong! Add sleep to that too’ 😉 😉


          1. ha ha ha…here its like, I come after car and cricket !!! 😉
            Over the years, the work has taken a slightly back position, after some enlightening thought process !!! Am glad for that 🙂


  1. I think women are very good at 3Ms. – Micro -management, Micro-awareness, Multitasking.
    Micro-awareness includes- noticing petty concerns, acknowledging , being expressive , creativity etc..


  2. Hahah…. you have my sympathies! 🙂 Fortunately my husband does not fall in this category… else I’d be co-writing this post with you! :mrgreen:
    He does watch cricket when possible, but is not really obsessed with it if you know what I mean!


  3. LOL 😀 That’s a good one!! And it’s the same story here… if the cricket match is not telecast on TV then the discussions among the expert on the panel has to be seen coz missing that is simply out of question too… SIGH 😐
    All the best for the contest, Uma! 🙂


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