The “PAY ONLINE” Confusion !!!

This happened last month. But it become inconsequential among the myriad of things that’s been happening since last month in my life.  And yesterday, when I was discussing about this incident on a parallel to my friend’s experience, I realised that I didn’t blog about it.  Somehow, documenting in my blog lessens the stress and hence its a good impact on my health and life.

Living in Chennai, the electricity bill comes bi-monthly, as against the monthly billing system of my Hyderabad. And the due-date for the last bill was Dec 12th. While there was a family temple tour planned after my Dad’s first year death ceremony for Dec 9th, I was thinking about how to go and face the mad rush at the EB (Electricity Board) billing counter.  The long snake queue dreaded me. And then there was the ceremony to plan and perform. In the midst of this, I was absolutely not interested to take my eyes off that “7 secrets of Shiva” !!!  This moment of laziness has a prize to pay !!!

So, finally I decided to pay my EB bill amount online, using my ATM card. I’ve already done this once and didn’t have any problems that time. But times do change and so did the EB server, on that fateful day, I decide to pay.

While the transaction went through successfully from my side and my account was debited with the bill amount, it totally failed from the EB side. 😯  I didn’t receive the bill either.

My laziness did a somersault and the non-receipt of the amount charged my adrenaline. I ran to my Bank, got a statement of the transaction to prove my point, then proceeded to the EB office. The whole office was deserted. OMG !!! That is a vision which I’ve never ever seen.  After speaking to those hopeless cash collecting officers, I got dejected. It looked like I knew to use their online system better than those people. The main reason for dejection was “The EB server was down since that morning” !!! And I, like a fool, chose that day to make my payment.

Then I frantically called my Bank.  They suggested that I make the payment again in CASH to avoid the disconnection of my EB line and simultaneously make a complaint and a request claim, which they’ll take it up and get the amount back in a matter of 3-4 months, at the earliest.

I felt terrible.

One officer from the EB, took pity on me and advised me to wait till the due date of 12th. And pay cash later. Sometimes the EB server takes time to credit payments.

That definitely was a breather.

We left for the temple tour. Whichever temple we entered, the top priority prayer was for the EB to accept my payment, since the amount was around 3500/-  And I didn’t want to lose that money to EB.

On my return, I checked my EB account online, with all positive thoughts of Gods answering my prayers and it still said that payment not received.

Like a zombie, scolding myself all the way, hitting on my head not to go for online payments and wondering if I’ll get my claim of 3500/- from EB, I went to the nearest ATM, took the cash to pay by cash.

Since it was the due date, the queue went past the main gate of the office and I waited stupidly in the queue for 2 hrs.

As I put in my card and cash to the collection officer, he stared at me !!! Why ??? What’s wrong ???

Then he smiled to say “Mam, why are you standing in the queue, if you have already paid???”

Was there a relief ???? Yes absolutely.

Was there an irritation ??? Yes, for standing in the queue for 2 hrs.

The feelings were confused, but the relief I experienced at that moment, is something that I’ll remember forever.

That moment of laziness is not worth the amount of stress, prayer, running around I underwent !!!

I don’t want anyone to undergo such a moment, but have u faced any such incident in the past ???

13 Replies to “The “PAY ONLINE” Confusion !!!”

  1. Awwww! hugs hugs and so many happened to my Appa…he paid by online payment..then he didnt get the acknowledgement…went again to pay cash..paid cash AND then realised that there was double payment..etc etc etc…what a pain na…

    hugs to you 🙂


  2. Poor you! I hate the online EB payment site too.. Just so slow and only after 4-5 iterations I can get through. Every time I wonder if i have paid the bill more than once.


  3. Fortunately never faced this problem. 🙂 Not with the electricity bill.
    But with some other websites, where the payment gets deducted from my a/c without showing the bill having paid, yes I’ve seen it. The good part is, it has happened with websites which have very good turnaround time hence within a day or two I’d come to know the results (sometimes within hours). I wait for a bit and then contact customer care just to make sure.

    The first time it happened to me, I was super panicked wondering if I’d get the money back. It was for a flight ticket that I did it. But later on I began to realise it happens on and off. And now I book it sufficiently in advance so to give sufficient time for margin error 🙂

    I’m sure it must have been a super annoying and irritating experience for you. Hugs!


    1. U seem to be an experienced pro in such issues….LOL, I shld hv consulted with u when it happened. 🙂 Anyway, if this is a problem, why dont the concerned ppl correct it ???


  4. oooops..
    Not faced something like this as thankfully here the systems are quiet good .. thanks to the direct debits set up.. I dont have to stand in ques..

    You had some tough time .. the multi million dollar question now is

    WILL you pay online again 🙂

    and offcourse that point on moment of laziness .. that too 🙂


    1. U r thankful to be away from India, for this huh ??? 🙂

      I dont know if I’ll pay online, but my family is holding me back from paying – they were the ppl whom I pestered during the time, when I didnt know the status of my payment !!!


  5. I used to pay my online electricity bill in dubai.Never faced any problem but once by mistake without reading the address on the bill i made the payment only to realise that i payed my neighbours bill.That neighbour didn’t pay till he got the next bill just to check if i he has any last month outstanding.Since then i stopped paying online and used to go the dept to pay the bill.

    Here in hyd my building watchmen pays the bill.


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