What do I wear ???

An absolutely brilliant post by Shail, made me write this.

Among all the good things in Chennai, lies a totally backward conservative society.  Now Chennaiites, do not jump on me, but this is an honest realization through my experience. If you have not faced such a thing in Chennai, pls do tell me all about it.

Since the favourite clothing of the three girls at my home is jeans, one can always spot us in one.  Tees, tops, kurtis – anything is fine to go with it. Before moving to Chennai, it’s always been “we wear what we like” attitude. And we were so happy with it.

I am not saying that there are no men in Hyderabad (our previous place of residence) who take advantage of women, because of their clothing.  But we were never put to uncomfortable situations because of the clothes we choose to wear.

After shifting to Chennai, the whole scenario changed.

The day I go out in a Capri, people stare – rudely. Its uncomfortable.

When the girls go out in their jeans and tee – still people stare, rudely.

My daughters, who never used to like wearing the Kurtis, are forced to wear them now because that’s the culture of Chennai and it demands them to live along with a society.  Not only that, you are supposed to wrap the whole upper torso with another stole / dupatta – forget the fact that you are living in a tropical climate and it’s terribly hot and humid to be dressed like that.  Here’s a society that wears Business suits to work place, in the tropical climate of Chennai. Isn’t it important to feel comfortable in the dress you wear ???

Even after following all these, people stare at you – both men and women. Sometimes it feels like that they are totally disrobing the person mentally. Its disgusting, uncomfortable and I hate it.

If this is the scenario for people who wear a pant and a totally torso covering clothes, what happens when the woman wears a sari, which  in my view is more provocative than other clothes.

So, eventually it comes to the point that it’s the animal instincts in men that makes them stare rudely at women, disrobe her mentally and its this instinct that needs to be brought under check.

But what puzzles me is the women who stare rudely at other women, eyeing their clothes, commenting on the jeans (especially) and bringing up their own sons in a terribly destructive, conservative way filled with hypocrisy !!!