It’s love that made this post !!!

I remember this bday very well….I was in my teens and I wanted to celebrate my bday like how my few other friends were doing. But there was quite a hungama at home, when they heard this. They can’t believe that I wanted to celebrate it with my friends by giving them all chocolates. That was the smallest thing I asked – probably the Fanta orange hard toffee or something like that. And what an argument happened after that. The elders at home were shocked at my request. Then finally mom convinced everybody and she made coconut burfi for giving to my friends. Even at that point of time, buying from outside shops was a big no-no for us. But, I was very thrilled to take sweets for my friends and its the only bday I can remember as a teen.

I’ll get a new dress for my bday and another one for diwali. If I am lucky, I might get one for Sankranti.  But that dress is something that I await the whole year. I yearn for it. I plan for it.  I think of the colors, design, material all year-long. Finally I may get something that I’ve not imagined. It was totally fun and I enjoyed them all. The underlying thread of love was so profound.

Later, when I started working, my colleagues used to gift me with Crackle – the Cadbury chocolate, of which I had a great fetish. And I’ll get all kinds of cards – both hand-made and bought, and all of them made my day.  I still have the card which a colleague gave me – written in C Language, since I love that language and still consider myself a pro in it. The love from people around me made me ecstatic.

Slowly and steadily, the art of celebrating bday parties at home became a ritual, with the darling girls coming into my life.  The smile, the joy and all the fun we had, made the party justified. My parents actually enjoyed these parties and I was happy for them. The love was weaving a beautiful quilt around the family and I went with the flow.

And now, I’ve come a long way in the art of celebrating bdays from coconut burfies to cakes and poems.

The most important thing is the love that shadows every bday celebrated with family.

And here is today’s expression of love, made with love and for my love of life. Happy Bday to my love, my partner for life.

Butter cookies with chocolate strands....

51 Replies to “It’s love that made this post !!!”

  1. When I was small too, it was always some sort of paayasam for birthdays, at home. Later on I was making some sweet for the family and then prepare the cake and cut in the evening for my sons….mostly with our family friends. It was fun. Now, they don’t like celebrations, so we just go out and eat…of course a new dress for them from us!

    I loved the cake. You seem to be a great cook. Happy birthday to your life partner, Uma! Many, many, many happy returns of the day to him! Be happy always!


    1. Life has changed so much na… 🙂 Of course, going out to eat has become the norm. 🙂

      Thanks Sandhya. 🙂 🙂 And btw, those are heart shaped cookies. 🙂 And am all smiles with ur wishes. 🙂


  2. The deity
    amidst jasmines,
    silver puja stuff,
    and chandan paste,
    as he comes to
    do namaskaram ,
    early morning…..
    and she stands
    waving goodbye
    as he leaves
    to do what he must.

    dimpled with nuts,
    fussing with the cardamom,
    slowly concentrating in joy
    on a simmering flame,
    she starts humming
    a carnatic piece,
    sugar and butter
    in rhythm,
    adding in the whiteness
    and baking powder,
    all holding together
    like her family.

    The magic of heart shaped cookies
    And she suddenly thinks
    and applies
    lots of brown chocolate tikkas,
    for luck,
    for beauty,
    and traditional protection.

    Late evening in Chennai,
    of a special sambar wafting
    out of the kitchen,
    the girls back
    from music classes and friends,
    and she comes in
    a great cup of filter coffee,
    and a plate of stuff.

    And he smiles,
    whips out his camera,
    and clicks,
    as the
    chocolate slivers
    look on excitedly.

    with their sweet white hearts
    And he
    with his sweetheart
    will celebrate
    a wonderful birthday !

    Happy birthday, S !


    1. Thank u so much – from S. 🙂 He is absolutely delighted to read this. 🙂

      The only thing that happened differently is – the camera is the obsession of the elder one – she doesnt trust the camera with anyone else… 😀

      Its a great poem….am all smiles. Thank u my frnd. 🙂


  3. Aww! Happy birthday to your love, Uma 🙂

    Our childhood birthdays were so different from the birthday celebrations today. I do remember baking cakes with my mum and decorating them though:)


    1. Thanks Smithu….. 🙂 Everyone and everything around has evolved during the years, including bdays… 🙂 That’ll be one happy memory to treasure forever – the times spent baking with mom. 🙂


    1. Oh !! Thanks Ash… 🙂 🙂

      As of now, nothing is left in the cookies box. 😦 But when u r coming to Chennai, lemme know a day before, so that I can treat u well. 🙂 When is that trip going to happen, now that u r busy with married life and all ??? 😉


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