And I only thought…

When I posted yesterday, never did I think that I’ll be logging into WP in the early morning hours to pour my heart out. I was not at all planning on posting today, but for that news that shattered me.

My husband’s childhood classmate and friend died of heart attack today morning. And he came to my home only a fortnight back and was talking to us.

Whenever you are reading this, I am sorry to have shared a terrible news with you. But I needed this let out.

I thought that I’ve overcome the concept of death, when I went through the terrible 3 months of hospitalization of my father and his subsequent demise.  I was very confident that I’ve become a much stronger from the depth of my heart, after going through with all the days of crying and consoling.  I thought that I’ve overcome grief. I thought that no other situation can break me down like this.

And I only thought…

In reality, I am still the same person, with overflowing emotions and a sense of sadness that engulfs me during such situations.  I still cry at the injustice done to the family, by the loss of that soul.  I feel terrible for his loved ones, who are going through turbulent emotions, right now.  And I think that death does create such emotions in me and I pray that time will make me stronger than what I am today.

I now worry about his wife and his college going daughter. What are they feeling right now ???  I am crying as I am typing this, thinking about them…what a terrible situation to be in, isn’t it ???

It needs a great deal of mental strength and a sense of calmness to over come such  a traumatic situation and I pray God to grant that family, the much-needed strength and support. May his soul Rest In Peace.


10 Replies to “And I only thought…”

  1. It’s a little too soon for you have to go through this all over again. 😐 I’m sorry sweetheart. Hugs!!! Take care of yourself.
    And rant anytime you want on this blog (or chat or email)….we are here to listen.

    May God give the family the strength to overcome……..


  2. Sorry to hear this. May he rest in peace.

    Death is something we can never be prepared of… It always brings shock.
    Life is such we all have to go but still it is sad and heart touching.

    You take care mam..
    My condolences to the family and your husband…


  3. Hugs Ums.. big hugs!
    dealing with death is very difficult and my prayers for you and your family and your’s friend’s family to get thru these very difficult times..

    sending you prayers and hugs..


  4. What a co-incidence, Ums… My uncle (Father’s Brother) expired due to heart attack on November 12th, Saturday… And I underwent the exact same emotions that day… He has 2 children, a daughter and a son. I cried a lot on saturday. I had really thought death would not make me sad again, post my FIL’s passing away – but, I was wrong completely…


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