Cosmo Chennai or not ???

Pal, as I was writing a comment to ur post, I realized that I had lots to say and hence this post is a my comment. 🙂

Chennai sweats a lot, Mochachilo – it’s because of the geographical location and nobody can be blamed for it. If the people here have a bath 3 times a day, and still be sweating – just imagine the drain of energy. In spite of that, people are cheerful enough to do things, is a point to be appreciated. And thank God, for that forced Rain Water Harvesting by J.Jayalalitha during her last term, Chennai has enough water now, even during summer, to cater to 3 baths per day of the visiting tourist !!!

Now, whats there to see in Chennai, apart from the temples and beach ??? Chennai was not built as a Tourist City to attract the foreign exchange. But still, if you really want to know about the Heart of Chennai, there are many a places where u find the quaint Chennai shining through….u just need to put in that effort in knowing the place. I think every city has its charms and negative points and we need to know about those things, in the honest sense, before making a comment.

Recently I read at Vidya’s blog, that the Mussoorie lake was a total disappointment to them….there was no great charm to it and the boating really sucked. Does Mussoorie take up the responsibility, for a dried up lake during summer ??? Or is it right in blaming the place, for the climatic effects ????

Every City is made of people and Chennai is no exception. It’s a general conception that people in North India are more out-going, love their social life, are more trendy in their outlook and certainly fashionistas…. 🙂 South Indians, especially the Tamilians do not have such a broad out-look to life, as their culture ties them down. And there are people here, majority of them, still valuing their culture as though, letting go of it will take them to hell straight.  We still value our traditional carnatic music, the bharatanatyam, the idlis, the dosas, the temples, the kanchivaram saris – SO WHAT ???  I certainly don’t think that these should be issues to mark Chennai as not being Cosmo.

There are so many foreigners living in Chennai, embracing this life-style of the city, as their own, learning our traditional values and enjoying it also. And there are many who are here to learn our traditional bharatanatyam.

Please read through this link, about the Chinese lady bent on learning our wonderful art of dancing and spreading the same in China.

It’s all in the mind, Mochachilo and probably you were not in your right vision about this City.

What with the spurring up of the IT corridor in Chennai, there have been more immigrants here than before. And many of them I know, have bought property in Chennai, in the idea to settle here forever. If the people of other states find it so wonderful to settle here forever, then certainly the City should be appealing to them.

And also, the present trend is people from Northern parts come here searching for jobs, as this is a really good place to settle. So, I see hindi speaking people wherever I go and its a welcome change for many. Suddenly we see a lot of Chaat shops in the city, with these many North Indians trying to make this, their city.

If we people, Tamilians, are not accommodative or not Cosmo in their thinking, how the hell that these North Indians are trying to make Chennai their home forever ????

It’s all in the attitude of the people and certainly Chennai’s people are doing great !!! There are ruffians everywhere – if you find Chennai autowalahs are rude, then there is Bal Thackerey in Maharashtra and there is some X / Y / Z in every other city. It’s the blend of all these characters which makes a city and I don’t hesitate even a moment before stating that CHENNAI IS COSMOPOLITAN. 🙂 Ask the survivors here….not the tourists. 🙂


This is a place, where I was Wordless and Speechless too....Brilliant view of the valley.
Now, thats what I call a brilliant View !!!