Ten on Walking

Ten on Tuesday is becoming quite a popular thing to do, at blogs, now a days. Just when I was thinking of putting an update on my walking, it just hit me like why not do it the TOT way !!! πŸ˜€

1. Walking is still happening, thank God. πŸ™‚ I love getting up early, so that I can start my walking before the sun rays start hitting at people. Yeah, people, its damn hot here, after that one rainy night. The bright green leaves, the early morning birds are such a welcome sight to the eyes !!! And of course, not to forget the fragrance from the freshly blooming flowers !!! I pray everyday, that I shouldn’t miss this routine… πŸ™‚

2. Suddenly I am seeing a new trend during these walks. It is that I see more couples walking, than more singles. One of the couple has motivated the other to start exercising and that includes me and S, too. Yes, S has finally decided to shrug off his lazy coat and start the walking sessions with me.

3. Today, I saw a couple, with the lady wearing shoes and the husband in ordinary chappals !!! πŸ˜‰ After all, there is some contrasting people around, than what I mentioned in my previous post on walking.

4. There’s this cute dog, Betsy, a Lab, who comes for her morning walk with her Pet Father and Mother….its a lovely sight to see the three of them. And of course, looking at Betsy, gives me more joy – she is such a well-disciplined dog. πŸ˜€

5. How much ever I try, my mind never becomes quiet during these walk sessions !!! I always want to use this time for de-cluttering my mind and get a clear train of thoughts, but it’s always ends with food – plans for the bfast, lunch with the highest priority. Β Of course, there are some honest conversations with the God, which I find peaceful to the mind and soul.

6. U remember the mother with whom I spoke to (in one of my old posts) ??? I don’t know, but I havent met her after that day….Has she taken my advice a little too seriously ???? Neither she is seen walking nor her daughter. Or have they changed the timings to late evenings, to avoid ppl like me…..Dont know. Even if someone wants to help, people don’t want to take it.

7. I saw this elderly couple today. The lady came for walking first….she was listening to something in her mobile, using hands-free. Then after sometime, her husband joined her for walking and he too was listening to something in his gadget – don’t know what it is. Β After sometime, they both started talking and it was little bit embarrassing for the others – with both of them using hands-free, they both were literally shouting at each other and at such quiet morning hours, it was quite loud.

8. We have a temple in our apartment and lately, I see a lot of people, going around the temple, for their morning walks – 2 birds in 1 stone – pray while you walk !!! Ganesha is happy and so are the people who walk around his temple…. πŸ˜€

9. I prefer walking in silence….thats the way I preserve my energy and use it for my exercise. It’s also the fact that if you keep talking, you easily get tired during the walking. So, silence is Golden for me, in those early morning hours. But there are some people who come for walking only to talk – I hate to fall behind them, while walking….their constant talking interferes with my de-cluttering thoughts-process.

10. So, just pray that I should keep up with this spirit to get up early and go for walks….its a real energiser for the whole day.

The long winding roads make you feel like walking….like this song

Hum Jo Chalne Lage
Chalne Lage Hai Yeh Raste

Hai na perfect ????

So, are you walking or talking or reading a book or swimming or meeting friends or just cuddled in bed for holidays ???