Trekking towards serenity

When everyone announced it was time for a trekking day, I was rather hesitant. I still remember the day in Yercaud last year, where we had gone on a trekking trip and I just slipped and sat on a rock. Nothing much, but still it was there in the back of my mind.  I attributed that incident to the previous day’s rains in Yercaud and consoled myself.

But here in Coorg, it did drizzle the previous evening, but not to the extent of making our way slippery and all. I convinced myself that this will be a great time to shoo away my fears !!!

When I went to wear my shoes, ppl suggested that I use my chappals as we don’t need shoes for this small trekking experience. Oh dear, what do they know about me and my ever-slippery foot !!!!

Alas, we all got ready, and started walking through the Coffee plantations, learning the names of trees or flowers on the way. The Avocado, Oranges, Silver Oak, Mulberry, Pomegranate and many more flowering trees were introduced to us and we really looked like some Botany students out on an Educational Trip. 😀

The initial stages of the trek was going on fine, as the path was on flat levels. After 1 km, everything changed. I was looking down to a valley and the path is totally a steep walk down. While I was wondering if I could make it with my footwear, I see a lot of people just starting to walk down in there flip-flops. Oh dear, how do they manage to walk such a steep slope with that kind of footwear ???

I hesitated, but put up a brave face and started walking down the slope to the valley, which is trying to rush up and meet me. I did slip on the sliding slope, on the gravel, the mud and all, but my matrimonial ties were much too strong in holding me all the time. Thank God, for small mercies. 😀

Have you seen the children playing the train game in the park ???? The four of us looked like that, holding onto each other’s shoulders and making our way down – if that can be called trekking. I think this continued for another km or so and I was so so thankful to God, when we reached the end of slippery slope and reached the valley.

And what a sight that greeted us !!! Theres a small stream that rushes during monsoons to a height of 1m, but it was perfect for us, this summer. With just ankle-deep water, it was the height of holidaying fun.

Aint that out of some fairy tale ???

We walked through the water, the perfect massage cum pedicure to our feet. The pebbles and sand mixture giving a funny yet awesome feeling to our feet – it was one such moment of contentment. 🙂

Do u see the pebbles underneath the water ???

I loved every minute of the time spent at the stream, the water engulfing my feet was such a relief to all the stress points. The minutes trickled by….but we were in no mood to get out of the water. The serenity of that place seems to attract me like a magnet and all thoughts of thirst and hunger vanished from my body. I was at peace with myself, with this World, with this Universe and what more can I ask for ?!?

I think this one explains everything better than words….

I was totally at peace.... 🙂

On the whole, it was such a wonderful moment to remember forever….the serenity of the surroundings making the whole trek, an awesome memory to treasure in my heart. 🙂 Don’t you agree ???