The most prominent things I remember from my recent visit to Coorg, are the presence of the Sun, the Moon, the Stars and the wonderful Clouds. I was so interspersed with Nature that I kept staring into the star-filled nights, sitting on the terrace, whispering to hubby about things of no relevance – those were really magical moments.

Being on the topic of stars, I was totally happy and proud of myself, when I pointed to the Big Dipper. And now after reading thru the links, I came to know the name of that formation and that it’s always in the northern direction.

There were many other constellations that we were discovering, making shapes all by ourselves, trying to remember the directions – it was so much fun. And that was the time, when the topic came about – how stars guided people in finding directions, when there were no compasses !!! [Read this link to know more on that topic]

Isn’t amazing, how the night sky helps a person to find where they are, if they can really take time to understand the constellations and their messages to us ???

That was the time, I also remembered this part from the recently read book “My Sister’s Keeper”.

When Anna asks her father whether is it true that we can use stars as maps, Brian explains that it’s called celestial navigation and it goes like this.

“You have to measure the altitude of a star, figure out its position using a nautical almanac, figure out what you think the altitude should be and what direction the star should be in based on where you think you are and compare the altitude you measured with the one you calculated. Then you plot this on a chart, as a line of position. You get several lines of position to cross and thats where you go.”

It’s totally confusing and it’s probably like reading Greek or Latin for me, but there are possibilities to find directions, using the natural resources available around us.

Then later were the days when compasses are the basic norms for travel, without which you were considered lost.  People travelling by the sea or the land, were always found with it.

As technology advanced, there were more and more gadgets and softwares for knowing where you are and where you are heading…..isn’t that the basic truth one should find in life !!!

But, for me, I find this the simplest and yet the powerful thing to find the direction, here in this country, at present.  I think you’ll agree with me on the way, this dish has bombarded into the homes of India.

And I also read in some forums that the Tata Sky dish should be facing a particular direction for it to work effectively (50-60 deg / south-east I guess) – facing the Satellite for better reception.

So, when I walk through the dark gullies of Chennai, where the power-cut is killing the charm of living, these dish TV receptacles are my guiding light to tell me, which is my direction to follow. Aint that easy ???? 😉

Better still, I hope you all have your Google Maps / GPRS with you, when you travel around….I believe in Dish TV antennas…..really….. 😉

Now, you’ll agree that I am Direction-Wise, right ???? 😀