Hi !!! I hope u all dont mind me being a little wordy here….after all it has been a week since I logged in to WordPress.

I had long, laid back, rejuvenating holiday in Coorg and I am back as fresh as this flower.

Fresh & Lovely, right ????

Will be visiting ur blogs soon….there’s so much work to do. The heat is terrible here, which adds up.

So, how have u all been ???? Looks like most of u have been busy blogging ur heads out, doing Nablopomo….the main reason for my Reader overflow….lemme come and attack the reader soon. 😀

Edited to add :

Ppl, plz tell me the name of this flower !!! I really clueless on this. This flower was found in everybody’s fence and it looked damn lovely that I had to capture it. If u can find the name of this flower, it’ll be great. 🙂