The book that tore my heart

And today being Mother’s Day, made it even more sensitive to me. Yeah, just finished with the book, My Sister’s Keeper, by Jodi Picoult and there are some really contradicting thoughts inside me – as a mother and as an individual !!!


Please read the story here, if u want to.  Or if u want to read the book to know it, plz go ahead.

Now, Monika asked me – am I able to relate with Sara, to the choices she made ????

No…not always.  Oh no, I understand that she was forced into one choice or the other and that she didn’t expect things to happen the way it did. But as a mother, she failed to give the care and love to her other children, becos of Kate’s condition. It left a really bitter taste in my mouth. I felt bad for Jesse’s psychological problems and every time he sets fire to something.  Probably she didn’t have time for that, owing to Kate’s unstable health !!! But still I am leaning on the children’s side.

There was a moment in the book, when they give Kate arsenic. And by the end of two days or so, it failed to show any change in Kate and her health was deteriorating. That moment, Brian, understood that this could be the end of Kate.  But there was no such acceptance from Sara, under any circumstance. Probably this determination to see her daughter live, is what made Anna die and donate the kidney, even after winning the case against her parents.

These two points above are my own contradicting opinions on Sara’s choices….so, if she being in that place, as a mother of Kate, has taken those decisions – it’s all in the love of the child and there’s nothing to beat that logic.

The many moments when Jesse and Anna were disappointed as a child, made my heart cry for them – for their lost childhood.

But, when in the end, despite all their childhood neglects, the children come together to make Kate feel better – such a touching place.

When I had put a status msg, ppl wrote to me telling how much they cried. So, I was totally prepared for this. And I thot I held myself fantastically great throughout….but I agree shamelessly, that I cried when Brian finds Anna inside the smashed car. That moment I knew, that Sara’s conviction that Kate should live, is like asking for the death of another child. And as rightly put, by Kate – one of us should go and Anna took it upon herself. That was the heart-tearing moment of all.

Now, am waiting to see the movie on HBO on 21st May….I heard that it has a diff ending than that of the book !!! Dont u all tell me the ending…I’ll see it for myself, plz….

18 Replies to “The book that tore my heart”

  1. Reading the story here itself has torn my heart…. too many difficult choices….
    But yes as a mother, it’s wrong to focus on only one child….even if that child deserves the attention in whatever way…


  2. A beautiful movie the mother did not want to let go and thyounger sister she was sort of brought to the world to help her elder sis and she going aginst.
    I was touched by the movie.
    But what I liked was the mother still loved the young one …. Various things can be said about it was the mum wrong
    Were both parents wromg for the reason the younger sis was brought

    And so on but the story makes u sit up and think.


  3. Hi Ums – my first time here, saw u on may of the fellow bloggers site and brought myself here 🙂

    I saw the movie just this weekend. Loved it. Cried bucketful. and yes the ending is different.

    Looking forward to reading u more. Cheers, Iya


  4. I hated the book (not the way its written the way it deals with it, it was written beautifully moved me made me cry a lot) let me admit and the more I think about it the more I hate it……….

    yes she had a conviction of steel to save one child but what about the other 2, give them a life worst than death? can a mother really do that?

    yes even for a minute I dont think she didn’t love the other two kid she did but love doesnt give one a right to run someone’s life according to your wish does it?

    but than I love the book too love it because it deals with a subject which is so sensitive….


  5. Every time I read about this book I feel tempted to pick it up and read, Ums and then the sheer thought of pain that it will bring to my heart stops me from buying it. Its a beautiful and poignant story but not sure if I can take in such a heavy subject.

    Beautifully expressed, Ums!


  6. Am with deeps on this….this is one book i want to read but i absolutely refuse to because of the pain that seems to be associated with it…much too much for me to deal with


  7. Hi,

    Came here from all the other NaBloPoMo bloggers.

    Lovely post. And I watched the movie a few months back on HBO. You must watch it for its ending alone then!

    all of Jodi Picoult’s books are heart rendering like this. Very tough to actually think about who’s right or wrong…


  8. You know what, Uma, I am coming to realise more and more, that parents are HUMAN too. They do have a favourite child. They all say that their kids are all the same. But clearly, they are not. And I think we shouldn’t take them to task for this. Because they are just human!


  9. For a book like this it is difficult to say what is wrong or what is right but yes it is a well written book which moves you!!!

    read Handle with care from the same author!


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