A New Life

I just happened to click this picture 2 days back. Sort of love this flower, as this is most important flower to decorate Lord Ganesha on Ganesh Chaturthi.  It looked so fresh and beautiful, inviting me to click.

Now, as I am scheduling my TC post, I see the relevance to that clicking. Its perfect for the theme this week – SPRING (New Life, Green, Melting Snow, Pleasant Weather,…)

New Life marking the Spring...

Edited to add :

I wanted to put in the Botanical name of this flower while scheduling, but somehow skipped it. Now, as per Celestial Rays request, here’s the link :



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27 Responses to A New Life

  1. Bikram says:

    Lovely take on the topic, I got mine too ready to go up yayyyyyyyyyy 🙂 and i am first toooooooooooooo beautiful pic 🙂


  2. Titaxy says:

    beautiful pic


  3. Nice! What is it called?


  4. Swaram says:

    We also use the leaves of this plant on Ratha Saptami day, when the Sun changes his chariot.
    We call it ekkada hoovu in Kannada 🙂 What is it called in Tamil?


    • UmaS says:

      Its called Erukkam poo, in tamil, Swaru. 🙂

      Of course we also do the Ratha Saptami snanam. 🙂

      One more interesting thing came to my mind – when my thatha had heel pain in his later years, this is what he’ll do. My patti will heat up a brick on the gas stove – the regular red one used in buildings. Then she’ll put the hot brick on the floor and stack some leaves from this particular plant on it. My thatha will keep his heel on these leaves. The juice of the leaves squeeze out due to the heat in the brick and that gives immense relief from heel pain. Thanks to you, I suddenly remembered my thatha and his smile. 🙂


  5. Saritha says:

    The milk which comes out of the leaves are used for skin allergies.We too use them to decorate Ganesh…


  6. Priya says:

    Nice one Uma! And apt too.. due to its association to Ratha Saptami .. which acc to Wikipedia is symbolic of the change of season to spring 😀
    Yes..i looked that one up since I didnt know about the ritual!


  7. DI says:

    Lovely! 🙂


  8. mala says:

    Erukkam poo. I remember last year for vinayakar chathurthi I went around the entire neighbour with amma in search of this flower. Your themes evokes memories in me all the time. Cheers


  9. tikulicious says:

    Lovely shade of color and what a delicate flower. Beautiful click Uma.


  10. Deboshree says:

    What could be more symbolic of spring? Lovely post Uma! 😀


  11. obsessivemom says:

    Love the colour… though I don’t think I’ve seen it in UP/Maharashtra.


  12. Pixie says:

    beautiful pic!! 🙂 🙂

    Happy Spring to you too!


  13. Shilpa Garg says:

    I guess, this is Aakra in Hindi. Its a poisonous plant with white latex kind of stuff oozing out when plucked. Very apt for the theme.


  14. lovely we had this plant in abundance in the back side of our previous house


  15. yes… yes… !!!! this one only !!!!


  16. Ratna Babu says:

    can this ekkada hoovu or erukkam poo be purchased in the us?


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