The Wood Carving at the entrance door - Chettinad style houses.

20 Replies to “WW-39”

  1. We never learn
    the lessons
    of the aeons.

    Giving of oneself,
    one’s crown
    as a footrest
    for the deity,
    supported by
    upraised hands;
    a happy mix
    heralding elephants,
    supporting courtiers,
    who in turn
    hold up the
    muscular beauty
    of the horses.

    And the folks
    on each side
    doing their bit
    to hold up
    the ceiling
    with hand held
    of unstinted support.

    And here we are,
    always supporting
    in exchange
    for something undeserved;
    withdrawing support
    at will
    for personal gain,
    talking from
    the side
    of the mouth,
    while publicly smiling,
    creating media to defame
    simple men….

    No wonder
    we often feel
    the roof is coming down on us….


  2. Dear Frnds,
    This is the wood carving on the door panel in the entrance to a typical Chettinad style house. Picture clicked at Dakshina Chitra – a place that showcases the culture and architectures of South India.
    I would love this panel in my home…..hmmmm…..not mine yet. 🙂


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