Time is scarce

Yeah, my comp time, especially. 😦 😦

With girls at home for longer times and reinstating their right to the computer, I am forced to give away my precious time on WP !!! 😦

Thats why the number of posts have come down, Nancy…. 😦

Hope u all dont mind, if I keep putting up picture posts here and there….so that I dont lose that WP touch or rather my link with blogging will remain active.

The heat is killing me here…..I am reminded of the barbecued chicken. How the fat drips over the hot coals and makes that ssshhshhhh noise – the same way, sweat drips all over me and makes me say that ssshhshhhh every now and then….Thank fully, the evenings are quite pleasant in my home.  The survival in these parts of the country is with sugarcane juice, lassi, lemon soda to name a few of my favs…. 😛  Water is never enough to quench the thirst.

And with the increasing heat, all the tummy asks for is thayir sadam and maavadu. 😛   But the girls at home, keep me busy asking for pasta, noodles, briyani and other varieties…. 😛

On the same note, I would love to give a hug to Saritha, as her recipe for the Hyderabadi Dum Briyani is a great hit at home and now, its happening once a week, my dear friend. We are all hit by the Briyani wave. 🙂 😛

And as usual, my cloud watching is happening, with more collections to my archives. 🙂

Here’s a picture I would like to leave you with.  The lovely Gulmohars, from my balcony….even though the sun is shining bright, the brightness of this yellow is unmatched for. I just love watching them….the flowers which fall on the road, make a lovely carpet to walk on…. 🙂 🙂

Scorching Summer, Blooming Gulmohar