Happy ??? Of course.

Recently, my daughter celebrated the end of exams and the beginning of holidays with a party at home. Calling all her friends for a Pizza Party, was her wish and so it happened. But, can the foodie mommy rest with just ordering the Pizza ???? Naaah……..so, here are the stuff in the fridge, in preparation for the party…. 🙂 😛

And I was so so HAPPY, to see my fridge stocked up with fav foods of my girls….what else can a mother want !!!! 🙂


The yummy chocolate cake !!! 🙂

And drool some more….

Of course, u are right...its Custard....

Custard goes well with…..

Jelly, what else ???


When the kids gobbled on all these, I was totally HAPPY !!! 🙂

Oh, btw, Happy also seems to be the theme for this week’s TC !!! 😉



27 Replies to “Happy ??? Of course.”

  1. Uma, I am coming over and never going away. I will sit and eat and eat and eat. This is it. I can’t take more yummy food posts from you so you are warned. Please open the door, that is me ringing the bell.


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