Full Circle – a different perspective

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Have you noticed the just born babies ???? They cry to tell that they want something, like food or water. Or they are in pain or just uncomfortable.  Its up to the mother to solve the puzzle on why the crying happens.  It’s not that she is an expert at it, but she learns to know the different cries for different needs.

But, apart from the cries for basic necessities, the baby never cries for a cradle or a bed or toys or any materialistic things. One thing is, the baby’s not aware of their existence and second, its happy to get its food and love.  Its we, who introduce the babies to the world of toys and other things and its we who create a yearning in the baby’s mind for these things.

And then when the baby grows up, the needs too keep growing.  And more interesting thing is the baby now sees others, with different kinds of toys and games.  It might not be able to understand the ownership of a house or a car, but certainly the toys make an impact on that young brain.  Now, it wishes to possess those things, which it does not have. Crying is the technique, which the baby has mastered so far….and so the baby cries for want of new things.  If the parents buy those things, then u see the baby smile. But, if left to crying, the baby subsides his crying and just carries on with whatever toy is there.  Its like asking for something and later accepting the fact, if you don’t get the desired thing and carrying on with life.

But, when the baby grows up to a young girl or boy, the wishes are asked to be fulfilled by the parents. And if any wish is not fulfilled, it leads to tantrums. Sometimes, there can be violent outbursts too.  The need to possess things, which they desire grows more and more, as parents keep buying them.  It’s this age, when most parents fail to teach the difference between likes and needs.  It’s essential we buy what we need more than what we like.

There comes the phase of teenagers, who start blaming the parents, if their likes and wishes are not happening as they want it to be.

This trend of blaming parents and comparing oneself with others who possess more things, keeps growing till they start on a job of their own.

When they try to manage their own money, comes the realization that whatever they like cannot be bought with all the money they have. Because any amount of money is not enough, if the likes over power the needs in your life.

Those trying times can lead a many towards faith and prayers.  They fall prey into the thinking, that God will get you anything, if you pray with a sincere heart.  Yeah, but not all the materialistic things, we keep yearning day in and day out.

As we age, we mellow down with the wish list and learn to accept things that happen to us.  We realize that tantrums don’t work with God.  And blaming the parents is futile.  We get what we are supposed to – sometimes things happen that we don’t really cherish.  But we learn, that this is the way of life.

Praying might give us some peace of mind or give us strength to handle difficult situations – but we need to face things thrust upon us, in the name of life’s tests.

In the final years, we reach the same stage as that of a new-born baby – our needs are only food and some love.  Other things become immaterial to us. All the materialistic things we bought and enjoyed are no more important, as love is.

This is the time, we yearn for our loved ones to be near. And even if it doesn’t happen, we learn to get on – Its like asking for something and later accepting the fact, if you don’t get the desired thing and carrying on with life.

We and our mind, come a full circle.