Mavadu Competitor

The awesomely delicious Mavadu....


I think I was just 6 or 7 years old, when I ate the Mavadu** with such relish and remember the taste so distinctly.  And that water in which it soaks, is actually amrit, in my opinion. All during the teenage years, all of us will be fighting for the tiniest ones in the Mavadu jar, as they are the most delicious.

If I remember well, my biggest competitor was my Dad. The moment, any of us go near to the Mavadu jar, he’ll start shouting and screaming at us….so that, he can save those tiny ones for himself.  😉

Every summer we fought, till we finished all the Mavadus.  Not to forget the finger-licking water in which the Mavadu soaks…..OMG, thats the most delicious thing ever.  And mind you, not even one person at home will be satisfied with the intake of Mavadu, any season. The heart and of course, the tummy and the tongue, craves for more and more of that yummy Mavadu. 😛 I think it happens in every Mavadu crazy family, and we were the craziest of them. 😀

The best combo with Mavadu, is thayir sadham, which is termed perfectly as the Comfort Food !!!  But guess what ? I love Mavadu, with any rice I eat….its the best taste ever and the combo is totally my favorite. 🙂

It was later, when I shifted base to Hyderabad, I realized that the Mavadu bought in the North Mada Street of Mylapore can never ever match any other Mavadu. So, I had to depend upon my mother to send me some yummy and delicious Mavadus, every year.

And whenever the box of Mavadus are being packed for me, my Dad will come and personally inspect the packing – just to make sure those tiny ones are not packed off for me…he he he….he was one crazy Mavadu fan….. 😀  And I’ll be shouting on the phone, from Hyd, about all the big ones and the lacking tiny ones….we both fought so much over the Mavadu. 😀 😀

The best fight was during the visits I make to Chennai, to take the Mavadus. I’ll pack the Mavadu when Dad is not at home. But the moment he comes back, he’ll look into the main jar and the truth is out. LOL !!! He’ll be shouting and shouting and all of us will be laughing at his crazy fondness for the Mavadu, which doesn’t allow him to share it with anybody, not even his daughter. 🙂

This year, I tried my hand at making the Mavadu and its come out brilliant. Look at that picture above – I am proud of myself, at the outcome. Its perfect and yummy and I’ve lots and lots, even a whole jar for my Dad, if I can send some up there.

And when I have everything to myself, I don’t feel the josh to eat. I miss those Mavadu fights with Dad, which made eating the Mavadu, even more a wonderful occasion.

We heard that we need to give ppl, what my Dad loved to eat. And so, for this month’s ceremony, we are planning to give Mavadu. Hope u are happy about that, Appa. And I also feel, u’ll be tasting ur share, from there.


**Mavadu are tiny mangoes, soaked in salt and seasoned with mustard and chillies.


Dear readers,

Sorry abt not replying to the comments….comp time for me is lessened with girls at home, fighting with me for it…. 😉  But I make sure that I read every blog possible, in the time I get for myself.


30 Replies to “Mavadu Competitor”

  1. I’ve been dying to come first in comments 🙂 and what a great post this is….I think we make something similar, except we call it Bal Kairi, and the masalas are a bit different. And there is definitely a difference due to the soil in which the stuff originates.

    The picture got my mouth absolutely salivating at the prospect of the stuff, but it will have to remain an e-wish right now.

    But do search and have a bunch of those tiny mavadus , extra, on my behalf !


    1. And this New Year of yours, certainly made ur wish come true. Hugs. 🙂

      I think every state has their own version of this and the other kinds of pickle, we do with mangoes….so, did u make Bal Kairi, this year ???? 😛 Just wanted to know how diff is urs in recipe and looks…. 😀 The foodie me takes over, sometimes… 😉

      How I wish I can share it with someone, who drools for Mavadu…. 🙂 😀


  2. Such a mavadilicious post!
    Am sure you’r dad’ll love that decision of yours to offer mavadu for the ceremony!
    We call them “uppumanga” and i LOOOOOVE it too!


    1. See, thats the version of the Mavadu, from ur state… 🙂 🙂 Am liking this even more, now. 🙂

      Yeah, I feel so – Dad’ll be happy abt that decision. 🙂


  3. The memories and the people associated with certain foods….. nothing beats that 🙂

    Mavadu??? But I’ve never had it 😦
    I need to visit your house soon!! Seriously!! :mrgreen: 😛


  4. Hey Uma, even I was going to do a post on maavadus and vadams, and the draft is half-finished! Wise ppl think/act alike:) Nambale sollikalam! I remember surviving only on curd-rice and mavadu for several days! The mavadu came out decent for me too… and well, the josh is still there;)


  5. Can you believe I would take one of those and savor it while reading a book! My mouth is watering just looking at this, Uma. Great post….How we associate things with people..And I’m glad this brings back memories of that very special man for you!


  6. U took me back to my childhood. Mmmmmm is the word for mavadu and the memories it brings. I can see how special your dad was to you and u to him.


  7. Aww… I want one of those mangoes too. 😀
    So delightful this was Uma. I am surprised once again at the capability the human mind has to form picture, sound and smell memories.


  8. Interesting picture and post! I love maavadu, Uma! My son loves the water…so he eats thayir saadam with maavadu thanni and I and my husband with the vadu!

    I used to make this pickle every year. Now we don’t seem to eat pickle much, so don’t make much! But your photograph is pushing me to make it this year!


  9. Had never heard of Mavadu before but yes your post reminds me of small small things for which we used to fight!!! It is these memories which give us a reason to smile 🙂


  10. Me want the MAVUDU now .. I hope you are making a list of all the things you got to give me .. I am making mine so in the end ladai na ho.. and the lists match..

    I love mangoes any way they come .. and my favourite is the Papad’s made of mangoe yummy but now that you have described all this I WANT THIS TOO 🙂

    I hope you are listening …


  11. Oh I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove Mavadu 🙂 And I hardly ever get to eat any here. The next time I go to an Indian grocery store, I really have to look for some 😦 You made me more senti now, Uma!


    1. Just go on and get it….with mangoes, never postpone the delight of eating them… 🙂 🙂

      I heard abt the kairis from Suranga….looks like its a hot fav over there. 🙂


  12. Dint I tell ya tht ur blg has an ‘earthy’ tpuch to it!!! Aaaaaw this blog made me soo nostalgic… My daddy was one biggg foodie too n if any goodies at home were missing my mom would hv an extra culprit to interrogate too 😀


  13. Me too 🙂
    I can be another tough competitor for you Uma…When vadu’s are done at home, I always roam around kitchen area saying I need this, that,and make all drama to take a spoon and pour a few vadus in my hand, and much them…
    My competitors for this is my mom and S. And especially when my MIL sends some for us here, we both fight over it and finish it off…last year I had the most considering the fact, I was at home all time 🙂
    They say a dialogue na…maatha ottaadha sathai maangai oottum…
    how true…
    There is this different maavadu available in coimbatore…i don’t like them…they’re thin and long…I love our mylapore gundu, round and small ones…oh…am drooling now uma…


  14. I was breaking my head wht mavadu’s were & stared hard at the picture trying to make out wht it was. Only at the end of the post did I see the meaning :-D. In kerala we call it uppumaanga but I think the spices we add are a bit different from urs.
    Like they say in kanadda…enjaai maadi 😀


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