30 Replies to “WW-35”

  1. wow You are Talllllllll…

    much taller then me .. i did not know that he he heh 🙂

    nice one .. summers are here and here too nice to et sunshine now and then 🙂


  2. Its the height
    of a mind
    that matters.

    Tall enough
    to bend
    so a child
    can come into your arms..

    Tall enough
    to kneel,
    and bow
    at the feet
    of the God with the Flute…

    Tall enough
    to bend and offer
    a sturdy shoulder
    for a lonely grandma,
    to rest her head…

    Tall enough
    to keep
    your own aside
    and rush
    to attend
    the comfort
    and wellbeing
    a troubled one…

    The Sun too,
    hides behind you,
    Ma Earth,
    in repose,
    as she
    the weight
    your tall shadow.


    1. Everytime u write such lovely words, I wonder how such things never crossed my mind !!!

      Thanks Suranga. My daughter will surely be overwhelmed by these lines. 🙂 🙂


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