The Journey


On yet another

Lovely Day.


Non-stop laughter

Bountiful chatter


Ipods, Iphones, BBs

Are the saving grace

That helps to be in touch

In the human race






Laptops galore

Lunch boxes

become secondary






About Lotus and other soft things.





Perfumes mix to give a

Heady feeling.


Jeans + short top

Jeans + kurti

With a flailing tiny scarf.


Kurtis with salwar

Kurtis with chudi tights

With chunnis longer than the person.


Its the colors

That catch the eye

And of course

The make-up

Are they out for a movie shoot ???

Or out to party ???


The eyes that keep glancing

At the watch,

Every 5 mins,

Makes one think

That there’s something

Really important

Happening here.



The train halts.

Its the famous station

Called the Tidel Park.


Suddenly the laughter dies

The chatter stops

The phones are out

All discussions come to a halt


The perfumes fade

The colors get down

For their station has come…


The joy belongs to the

Tidel Park now….


Its a boring journey for the train, from now….

The people suddenly find them

Staring at each other.



41 Replies to “Start……Stop”

  1. Beautiful description of the train journey to work! We cross the station and the Tidel park everyday…now, I will look at the crowd emerging from the station in a different angle, Uma!


    1. Yes, its so very diff in Mumbai right. But Suranga, this is a new line and crowd is yet to pick up in this line. I am thankful that I got to see a peaceful travel. 🙂

      And thank you !!! From a poet, it means so much to me. 🙂 Hugs. 🙂


  2. good one Ums!! 😀

    Err.. was this written when you were proclaiming to us that you were “sane”?!! :mrgreen:

    *Pixie ducks the empty glass being thrown her way and runs!*


  3. what’s a BB , pardon me for asking 🙂

    lovely way to define a journey.. but to where and what is tidel park ok dont say i am being duhhhhhhh now .. aise hi poocha 🙂


  4. What a beautiful narration / poem UMA! And how true! All your words and I simply can’t stop imagining myself in a MRTS up till Tidel park!!
    Lovely !!


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