Gift ideas

Now, everyone was asking me, just after wishing me 2 days back – “What gift u got?”

And I told them about the lack of time, due to the girls’ exams and probably I might go this weekend to buy something, for myself and hubby.

Immediately poured in suggestions on what to buy – An electric stove, Dinner Set, Crockeries, Cutleries, Bedspreads or some household thing. I was literally taken aback.  Of course there were a few suggestions for a sari, a gadget, diamonds…..but majority of the ideas were for the house and certainly not for me. U get my drift, right ???

Some ppl even suggested changing my old TV to a new LCD one, for my bday. 🙄  How can that be my bday gift ???? Just because a woman handles the house, the equipments or gadgets used for maintaining the house, cannot become her gift, isn’t it ???

Doesn’t anyone look into what does this woman like to have for her bday gift ??? Or what are her likes and dislikes ???

I feel that gifts should portray the love the giver has for the receiver, by buying something personal for them.  If the idea is to buy any thing, to facilitate better living conditions, a birthday or a wedding anniversary need not be the spark to it.

Now, these gifts for the house, is for the whole lot of ppl to use it or the job of the lady to use it for the whole lot.  Of course, love being the major player here….

But there is a limit right ???

Just look at the gifts these men get – it’s either a shirt or a perfume or a gadget or a book on their fav topic or something which only that man can use….the others cannot even enjoy it….nor even look at it.

Look at the contradiction, we have created for ourselves.

Once, I did get a Convection Oven for my Bday, as my husband wanted me to learn the nuances of baking on a better gadget than the mediocre thing I had before, without any temperature markings too….   Over the years, that Oven has come to be used by everyone in the family.  Even though the idea for buying it, was purely for the wifey, it’s not so anymore.  Or better, I don’t want to be the one operating it for everyone, just becos its my gift.  So, my personal gift has become dedicated to the family….am not so complaining now, but would really like something for myself, purely myself. And I am not selfish to think like that.

Why cant ppl gift something for that specific person and not for the whole family or household ???


Many, Many, Many…

That’s TC’s theme for today : “MANY” (Candies, Crowd, Paperclips, Coins, Collections,…).

This one is by elder one, as u can all guess.  She is just being very imaginative and giving me lovely pics for my Wednesday and Thursday ventures with pics. 🙂

Many pencils...

And now here is the many colorful bangles on my daughter’s arm….so, that makes me the photographer…he he he…. 😉

Many Bangles !!!

This is a sight, which any baker like me can’t resist….just the sight of so many eggs, make me to go for baking something yummy. 🙂 🙂

Many eggs....he he he....