Did your Ma give you vessels and other such things, while you got married ???? Oh yeah, mine did it too.

As my Ma was about to mark in all the vessels, as to the ownership part of it, I was quite not for it.  I actually don’t like it when people write on those vessels the time and occasion for that gift.  Somehow, I didn’t know how to put it across to my Ma, without offending her sentiments.  And since mine was the first marriage in both Dad and Mom sides, it was a great occasion for everyone to celebrate and have fun. So, all the more reasons for my Ma to engrave the initials of me and my husband onto all the vessels she bought for me. It was a proud moment for her.

Then, as I saw the letters that’ll be engraved onto the vessels, I really felt happy and gave it a big Thumbs Up.

Its US

Looking at it as a single entity, I was so elated. It didn’t represent me or him as different people, but represented our journey together, with that simple letters “US”.  The initials melted together to form US, which we were.

And, we have stood together, to reinstate that Letter engraving and its indeed a satisfying moment, as we complete 16 years as “US” !!!

Here’s the Anniversary Special Cookies, made from the recipe here….

Whole wheat Almond Cookies

55 Replies to “US”

    1. Woohooo! Am first on such a special post 😉
      What a post to mark the special day Ums 😀 Happy anniversary 🙂

      Err but wat r u dng sitting and writing posts 😉 Go haffun :mrgreen:


      1. What to do ???? Thats the problem of special days falling on week days…he’s at work….and I am at work… 😉

        Thank u so much dear…. 🙂 🙂

        Fun is reserved for this weekend…. 😉



    Happy anniversary .. now now so what do we get as a treat on this lovely day bolo bolo 🙂 tell tell


  2. Wishing you a very wonderful wedding anniversary ! And what a thoughtful way to inscribe vessels. They even included the two little Daught(er)s……

    As the
    Gulab Jamun
    to the Payasam,
    “Sixteen years,
    of sitting
    and imbibing all that sweetness
    from time to time
    in this warm place,
    the same
    number of years,
    as she mixes around
    the Milk of Human Kindness,
    the wonderful
    and colors
    amidst the family…
    Can you think
    of a better way to be part of the celebrations
    for U.S. ? ….”


    1. Just want to give you that Payasam and Gulab jamun, for such a beautifully written wish for US !!! 🙂 🙂

      The thoughts it conveys, make me all smiles !!! 🙂 🙂 Thank you Suranga. 🙂 🙂

      You can also find some cookies, which I made today…. 🙂


  3. Wow! Happy Anniversary to both of you!
    That’s such a thoughtful thing your Ma did 🙂

    After my wedding, I just told Amma I’ll buy new vessels for her, and that I wanted all the onesthat she’d been using — coz I grew up seeing and using them! 😀 I got most of it 🙂


  4. Loved the “US” thought UMA…how romantic!!
    Hearty congratulations and a very happy (belated) wedding anniversary day!
    Wishing happiness and “US” moments throughout your life!!


  5. Happy happy Happy anniversary to you and your better half Uma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a sweet story of ur initials! It is such a tradition to have them done on vessels isn’t it, loved how u wrote abt it and how apt the initials are for the both of you!!!! 🙂 Wish you all the best!


  6. Supeeeeeer US ! 😀 Just like HDFC ! 😉
    ha ha ! 😀

    And those cookies !!!!!! Aaah… you sure know the way to that man’s heart ! eh :mrgreen: Wonder what happened once the cookies were gobbled ! 👿 😈


  7. Happppppppppppppppppy Anniversary Uma… and your S… and such a significant us 🙂 to more gulab jamuns and cakes 🙂 🙂 and dinner and fun over the weekend


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