Life continues with Him…

The mobile phone rings my favorite tune.

Who else can it be ????

The screen displays “Hubby”.

I pick up the call happily.

Me : Hellllooooo.

H : Hello, is this XXXX ???  (Some lady’s name)

Me : Whaaaat ???? 🙄

H : Yeah, Can I speak with XXXX ???? This is ur friend Uma’s husband speaking.

Me : Hey, Whats gone wrong ???? I am Uma here.

H : ha ha ha… realization hits him.

Me : Whats happening ??? (Am totally confused)

H : U smsed me your friend’s number, remember ???

Me : Yeah. Did u call her ???

H : Thats what I tried doing. But instead of selecting her number to call, I called you. 😉 he he he…. 😉 (I can feel the sheepishness in the voice, even across the distance)

Me : Oh God, how do I live with you, funny nut !!! :mrgreen:

And I join in the laughter, after all such madness is infectious. 😀 😀 😀


17 Replies to “Life continues with Him…”

  1. Sahib ji Pakade gaye .. HA HA HA AHAHA HA
    jsut kidding … it happens a lot of times.. I ones rang someone thinking to be someone else and had some CHOICEST WORDS for them … :O


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