Who is older ???? Is it me ????

Ma, when did you buy this fridge ???

Some eight years back !!! (Oh my, shouldn’t I be changing it now ???) 😉

So, I am older to that one !!! 😀 😀


Ma, when did you buy the TV ???

Just after you were born !!!! (Oh my….dont remind me of changing that one…we’ve had enough arguments at home, already !!!) 😉

So, I am older to that tooo !!!! 😀 😀 😀


Ma, its good that I am older to the dog my cousin has, to the car we have, to the Microwave too !!! 😀 😀 😀 😀


Ma, when did you buy the mixie and the grinder ????

Before you were born !!!! (Should I thank my good luck for these things to have lasted this long ??? ) 😉

Whaat ???? They are older to me ???? Just change them Ma…I dont want to be the youngest one in everything….


Note : Suranga, this is for you….how u felt ur car was in the family 2 years before you….the feeling that the car is senior to u… 😉 🙂


29 Replies to “Who is older ???? Is it me ????”

  1. . Uma, what a fine post . For me !

    She (the car ), certainly was amongst the elders one paid one’s respects to, after marriage. And like always, you ended up being great friends with her too, as years went by……


    1. U gave me the idea to the post, thru ur words… 🙂 🙂

      That respect and friendship for ur car showed thru ur words of ur post. 🙂 🙂


  2. hmmmm I know that feeling 🙂 now that you hve said I guess i got to change a few things in my house tooo..

    and wow the little one hmmm well guess what you got ur agenda set for the next few months then .. getting the TV-Fridge – Microwave etc .. so She doesnot feel too young 🙂 he he hehe

    God bless


    1. U took the cue of changing things in ur house, from this post ???? Bravo, for reading it the other way around. Its all abt how my daughter doesnt want to be the youngest of all…. 😉

      Anyway, tell me when u buy those things – which brands and models u chose and why !!! It might help me, when I am in that shoe. 🙂


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