I was thinking of you, when I made…

Pav Bhaji today, Dad !!! 🙂 🙂

Wherever we go out or whatever restaurant we ate at, this will be Dad’s choice always – the yummylicious, spicy Pav Bhaji !!! 😛  We used to tease him a lot…abt this choice of his. I don’t how he got really hooked on to it, but he was a great fan !!!

So, what could possibly be my mood, when I made Pav Bhaji yesterday ??? Of course, filled with Appa and how he relished the dish, made by me at Hyd.

The Bhaji on the stove !!!

The house smelled of butter and the masala and hmmmm…..made the girls tremendously hungry, when it was not dinner time at all…. 😉

While eating....

So what, if we didn’t have the Pav…we compensated with the Bread… 😉

It was like a tribute to Dad, when I made and ate this. I know, I was eating and he was watching me….but still, I felt close to him at that moment, as though we were sharing this meal.

In life, we take so many things for granted. And we also feel that there is no need to express our feelings of love and caring, ASAP.

Dear ppl,

Please dont postpone ur expression of love. There might not be a perfect moment, later in ur life to express it. Now, is the moment to tell everyone, what they mean to you. Plz do tell ur love.

I feel I missed telling my Dad a lot of things….he was busy with his work, and I didn’t feel like disturbing him – See, I feel a lot bad when I think that I’ve failed to share some small beautiful things with him.

One more memory of Dad – through this simple Pav Bhaji !!! 🙂


33 Replies to “I was thinking of you, when I made…”

    1. Oh yeah, FIRST after so long. 🙂 🙂

      I couldnt even cry Ash….becos it was a lovely memory of my father relishing this dish. 🙂

      And yes, ask my girls abt the taste….it sure was yummy to me. 🙂 😛


  1. Yummilicious indeed it looks! 😉
    Yes, i learnt this lesson a hard way too….so, now, no matter what the other person thinks, i always make sure i tell ppl what i have to, without waiting for any ‘moments’!


  2. A beautiful thought Uma…don’t wait for the perfect moment,instead create moments from every passing second…just go for it!!
    That dish sure looks mouth watering 😛 😛


  3. Small children who have lost a dear grandparent often remember them like this. My father-in-law passed away when my son was 6, and the little fellow would insist on a fancy cake on late grandpa’s birthday, because he had such wonderful memories of those . I remember how his grandma would indulge him, and everyone would get lost in memories while enjoying the stuff with a cup of tea. I think its so wonderful, that you made something that your Dad loved, when you missed him so much. I am sure he loved the Pav Bhaji in spirit….


    1. I felt like a small girl too Suranga, thinking of all the dishes which Dad likes and dislikes…but certainly felt close to him, when I made it and ate it. 🙂

      Thank u frnd….for its through these acts, we feel much closer to the person who left us. 🙂 🙂


  4. I so agree with the last portion of the post! Most of the times we don’t express what we feel thinking that they already know how I feel and later we regret not telling!!!

    And BTW now u have inspired or rather helped me, It’s pav bhaji today for dinner 🙂


  5. I totally agree with you on the fact that Not to postpone what you feel SAY IT .. anytime is GOOD TIME.. dont miss the oppurtunity.. I missed so much to say to my dad and i repent each day EACH DAY .. and i had so many oppurtunities he stayed with me in uk for a 6 months and i missed it to tell him how grateful i am for what i am …

    Since then i have realised that ANY-TIME is GOOD TIME…

    and the Pav bhaji .. NO COMMENTS you know what i will say 🙂


  6. Mouth watery uma… I can eat pav bhaji at any point in a day!!! Yeah.. It gies well with bread, even with tortillas 🙂
    Such a lovely thoughtful post..I’m sure ur appa was watching you eating his fav food!!


  7. So true……..we miss out on moments..w aiting for the bigger moment.. Jsut sent a middle of the day hello to SD.. jut Smile!

    The paav bhaaji looks delicious. i am sure it tasted better, since you knew you made with your dad in mind!


  8. Awww… hugs Ums!
    Im sure your dad would be watching over you and smiling…
    You are right ofcourse, we need to express love, appreciation and make as many memories as possible as we go along…


  9. Very touching post! Rings true coz I too miss my mom and wish I had told her how much I loved her when she was there. Really, its so important to tell the people who matter just how much they matter now coz it may be just too late. 🙂


  10. Every memory of your loved ones should bring a smile to you face 🙂 I am glad you’re the way you are!
    Also, you too been lazy here I see! In a way I am happy, else another 50 posts to read :O


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