Up for grabs…

Sorry folks, couldn’t resist the temptation to post this, hot from the oven !!! It gives me a fantastic sense of satisfaction to click while baking and posting them all for you. Of course, its there for everyone who comes home… :P :P :P

Today’s afternoon nap was disturbed by the Courier Guy yet again….so, was terribly irritated. What better way to divert my mind and make something awesome too !!!! Yeah, baking it is. :P :P

Found the recipe for Peanut Butter Cookies on the net, some time back…am unable to get to that page now. ;)

Anyway, now its time to drool….. :P :P :P

The Perfect Cookie....right ????

And here are the freshly baked ones….just for you all…. :P :P

The Yummylicious Cookies.....Up for Grabs...

So, are u coming home ???? ;) :) :D :P

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A Stay At Home Mom trying desperately to make a difference, in whatever I do !!!
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42 Responses to Up for grabs…

  1. Bikram says:



  2. Bikram says:

    and i get to eat all that … just cause i am firsttttttttttttt…. look yummmyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    YEs I am on way … keep them hot…. :)


  3. PNA says:

    How do I say two likes or three likes or four likes :)


  4. shilpa says:

    Me wants me wants :D


  5. Swaram says:

    Su will love these. He lauveeees peanut butter :D


  6. scorpria says:

    You meanieeeee ! :P
    Next time, make the courier guy wait, pack some, and send my way! :P


  7. yummmm but where is the recipe atleast link it darling :D


  8. Shilpa Garg says:

    Wow! Just the thing I need with my hot cup of tea! :)


  9. Saritha says:

    Uma i want them (crying like pinky)…….

    Sad part of my baking is i can’t bake cookies in my MC even though i have convection as to bake the no of cookies u baked i need to bake it thrice and it takes too much of power…


    • UmaS says:

      Ok….Pinkuda (ahem Sari), dont u cry, will send u some by courier…. ;) :D

      Change that MC na Sari….to something easy and simple to handle…. :)


  10. Garima says:

    Ahhh… I am craving one now! A big one that too…. Not fair! I want…


  11. Abha Midha says:

    I can smell the delicious aroma of baking. It wud be gr8 to come to ur home some day :)


  12. Punam says:

    Now that is SOME talent!!! They look sooo yummeee… did they taste yummy too? Wowww/… u must parcel them to me. :)


    • UmaS says:

      Hey Punam….thank u so much. :) :) Of course, they were so yummy that the girls decided to give some to their best frnds…. ;) :P

      Mail me ur address…. ;)


  13. Can I come over..never mind..I AM COMING OVER..


  14. kanagu says:

    Some day I am going to gatecrash into ur home for sure if you keep making such delicacies :D :D

    they look superb :)


  15. Anu says:

    Romba mosam uma neenga! Tempting us badly!!
    Please send me some courier :(


    • UmaS says:

      Just see the demands by courier Anu….some courier guy will grow rich, just with the parcels I need to send… ;) ;)

      When are u visiting Chennai ???? Make sure to visit me… :)


  16. shail says:

    Wow, looks so tempting! :)


  17. OMG! now I am seeing this! I”M COMING HOME UMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Keep doors wide open… and may not fit through to go out again, after gobbling those cookies… so, can i stay longer…like till you bake another batch? :mrgreen:

    Gosh, they really look good, and I love the size of them! :D


    • UmaS says:

      WOW, I am waiting here….have cancelled all appointments, to bake more fresh batches for you, my frnd. :) :)

      Dont u worry, the doors will fit u perfectly…. :) :) I made them a little small, so that I can eat one cookie happily, without feeling bad….u see…. ;) ;)


  18. Ashwathy says:

    OMG!!! They look heavely!! I’m drooling already!!!

    Wailll……..!!! :cry: no fair!! U cant just keep posting pics and not send us any!!! Damn! :mad:


  19. Priya says:

    Wow! The are so tempting Uma :)


  20. vimmuuu says:

    No more biscuits for me !! All trans-fat !!

    yes, those grapes are still sour ! :D


  21. Deeps says:

    Recipe recipe recipe recipe recipe!!


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