A message and a thanks

Its been a while since I wrote to you, but you’ve all been calling me, texting me, mailing me without a break. And I feel blessed to be around such wonderful people, but totally virtual expect for a few of you.  Its amazing – this bond we share through our blogs. It’s like we know each other so well and we offer our help, in whatever way we can.  And this is in a world, where even the closed set of relatives think a lot before offering help. God Bless you all and your families and May you all remain like this forever. You are all so dear to my heart.
Just got some time to login, after the hectic schedule of rituals for my Dad. Every day was tough pushing through, while the work kept us busy.  Visiting the place of rituals – yeah, there is a separate place to do them – everyday, left me depressing…its probably the vibes of that place, where many people do their rituals.  But your messages were the one to revive me, from that depressing mood. So, thank you all.
I just can’t say that my Mom is doing fine, but compared to my Grandmother, she is trying to get along with life. My patti is terribly shaken after my Dad’s death, as she has lost both her sons now.  Its a testing time for any mother, who sees the death of her sons before her.  In Hindu traditions, everyone (of course, except me) longs for a son, as they feel that its their son who’ll do the karma (the death ceremony) for her. But what happens to that mother, who loses both her sons before her ???
A birth or a death in the family certainly changes a person and their perspective to life and other related things. The addition of a life or the loss of a life, certainly makes people around more responsible, more caring, sharing more, being more sensitive to other’s needs and all the more insists the need to talk nicely and not hurt the sentiments of people around.
So thank you for being there….giving your hugs and love. I truly appreciate your presence in my life. 🙂  Your presence strengthens me with each passing day. 🙂
My sincere and warm wishes for  a Wonderful, Peaceful, Healthy New Year 2011 !!!  Love and Hugs to you all. 🙂

26 Replies to “A message and a thanks”

  1. You know, after my personal experiences I realized people can feel your happiness but not your grief, because it is shared…

    Wishing you and your family a year ahead which is full of hope, happiness and good health


  2. Good to hear from you. I hope and pray that your Mom and Patti are able to face these difficult times, taking strength from you and your girls. I have actually seen examples of how ladies of vastly older generations, become pillars of strength in times like these, and guide the family through everything. You need to give them time. I wish you, your family, your mom and Patti, lots of peace of mind, mental strength, and good health in the coming year.


  3. It is indeed very difficult , i know people say different things but on whom it happens they know.

    God bless you and everyone around, all i can say is be strong , you have your mum and grandma to look after ..

    I know how it is You take care and just be strong ..


  4. Death of a loved one is nearly impossible to cope with. They leave such an empty space in your heart that it hurts beyond words. Every one feels and is affected differently. But on a brighter side having people who care for you and love you always helps. Its their support and love that keeps you going at the end of day. I hope that 2011 is a very good year for you.



  5. Missed you dear! I know how difficult it is to lose the dear ones! And I hope that you and your family come out of this soon, and pray god to give mental strength and courage!
    Take care!


  6. Nothing short of brave to write like this, Uma, and to share it with us. We’re glad you count us in your testing times too…

    (((((((((((warm hugs)))))))))))) to you and your family.

    And more hugs to your patti… 😦 I dunno what more to say…

    And seeing your spirit of getting around doing things and “life goes on” spirit… I’m so proud to know you, its an inspiration.

    Always around for you, Uma!

    Wish you a wonderful 2011 ahead 🙂


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