Dad, are u listening ???

Because I just learnt that your soul is here for a few days, before it goes to Heaven. I don’t know whether I believe that part, that your soul will be here for a few days only….but still I felt like letting my heart out, to you.

Did I stay with you for only 24 years ??? While I don’t remember the years spent as a small girl, the school age was spent more in playing and of course, the school.  The teenage saw me studying and focusing on what to do next, while you were so busy working hard, to make us into better persons. I spent the next few years, mostly in the office where I worked, as I was a compulsive workaholic !!!

Its only when I became a parent, I understood all about the parental love and how much I wanted to be with my children forever.  How much ever time we spend with the children is not enough to express all the love we feel for them.

May be I should have spent more time with you, Appa, than spending the time on watching TV or working late hours or whatever…. Because now I feel that all those times together are not enough.

My younger one misses S, whenever he is on tour. But when S is at home, both of them keep fighting and arguing over silly things, calling me to play judge. I always feel that she needs his presence in the home. Its very important to feel someone presence….it keeps us strong and going.

I too miss your presence now, Appa. Its terrible to visit home and see Ma without you being there.

There’s so much to write, so much to let out….but these stupid tears make it difficult to type.

You are there in our mind, heart, words and everything…you can never leave us from the memories. Miss you Pa….May your Soul RIP !!!


[Link to Dad’s article in The Hindu]


And Thank You for all the messages, phone calls, flowers….am deeply touched.  Your support gave me the strength to handle everything.


32 Replies to “Dad, are u listening ???”

  1. My deepest condolences, Uma. This is such heart breaking news. Parents grow old,, and go away, but believe me, they are always around, being there for you in spirit, in your good days and bad. They never go away. My prayers for you, your mother and your own family. Be strong for everyone.


  2. My heartfelt condolences, Uma! When they are there, we never know their importance, we just take them for granted. It happens with everyone.

    Your appa will be there for you always, sometimes you can feel it too, I do!

    Our prayers for your mother and all members of your family.


  3. My deepest condolences, Uma! I have no words to console you except that I know what it is to lose a parent. And that I feel for you.
    Just when we thought that he is on his road to recovery..came this news, which was shocking!!
    I pray that God gives you all the strength to go on… in spite of the tears and a heavy heart.


  4. Very sorry to hear about it Uma. What you said is sooo true, it is only when we ourselves become parents, that we realise how precious this whole thing of parenting and children really is. Your post made me also realise that I should spend more time with the folks than on the comp!!


  5. Hugs Ums. My heartfelt wishes and prayers with you all. Am sure Uncle is proud of the daughter that u have been and will always be, giving her best in everything.
    Am just a call away anytime. Take care.


  6. I am so sorry to hear this. Please my condolensces to you and family. I prey god gives you the strength to bear it be strong for all around you.
    I hope all who red this to take something form what you ve said we repent later I did you saying the same think I hope we are able to give time to all and not waste on doing silly things.
    I am sure your dad knows it all and heis watching over you always.
    My sincere prayers for everyone home take care of them all. God bless


  7. Am terrible at handlin such situations. All my love and hugs. Stay strong…and make sure you wont have to write one like this fr your Ma. Spend as much time you can, with her.


  8. My condolences Uma. Hugs…. Really hoping that you and your family stay strong in this difficult part of your life. Your father is in a better place and I am sure he is watching over you and your loved ones.


  9. Heartfelt condolences Dearest Uma
    Just saw this .. remembered the time I lost my dad due to illness. still tugs at heart.
    He is listening and very proud of his little girl who is all grown up now and so brave.
    Loads of love and a big hug.


  10. Heartfelt condolences Uma! Saw this post only now! Even after 9 years of losing my dad, I have wanted some means of time travel and do and undo so many things! Take care. Hugs!


  11. I am so sorry Uma. Death is painful for those left behind, I know a few words as a comment doesn’t mean much, but I just want to say that I am very sorry to hear of ur father’s passing away. I can’t imagine the pain ur family and you are in at the moment.
    Take care.


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