Another color of Chennai - Leafless Bloom !!

32 Replies to “WW-23”

      1. Ya WP has this snow flakes thing till Jan 4… I meant the combination of the tree & its shade with snow flakes gave a very wintery touch!


  1. White Lines
    of peace
    are drawn,
    so they
    may ,
    be exceeded ?

    The orange BJP
    the green UPA,
    in a fine tangle,
    sticking to
    their own
    way up there,
    barely controlled
    the brown marshalls
    out on a limb,
    to keep the balance.

    14 wild
    and blooming days,
    you cant help notice
    the big black spot,
    lagaoing nazar
    on it all……


      1. Actually things would have got more exciting , as I was on the verge of bringing in the black patch to represent Karunanidhi’s permanent sunglasses, the spectrum, Raja and the works. Then I thought I should leave the Gulmohur alone….:-)


    1. Thanks….am trying to explore more in Chennai. 🙂

      Yeah, in Blore, these trees line up the sides of the roads – seen them all in full bloom, a pretty pic indeed. 🙂 There arent many here, but still some are left by the evil tree-cutters…


  2. Radhachuraaaaa 😀 …. u made me smile … back at home dadi used to make us spot a krishna churaaa (yellow gulmohar) nearby based on an old lore which goes that once when Krishna was playing his flute under a tree it burst out to bear the flowers in his fav color – yellow. Seeingt hat radha was sad so he picked a nearby tree and palyed another tune – and the result were red flowers of the same kind – her fav colors. So its said that u can almost find gulmohars in pairs 🙂


    1. Oh, thats so true….now I understand that. Theres a yellow gulmohar near this, on the other side…which I cannot click from my balcony. Look, that story is true….WOW, G is damn good. 🙂


  3. gulmohar trees is it .. beautiful oh man i miss my home now .. in front of our house in chandigahr we had two of these on either side … and in autumn it was beautiful

    there was also one with ywllow flowers dont know its its the same

    and thats snowing he hehe it is snowing here though…


    1. I am telling u na…u ought to live in India, with a heart to appreciate so much abt this place and always thinking abt this place… 😉

      And snowing over there huh ???? Me coming…. 😉


      1. oh yes well get me a job there, I will come anytime back home.. nothing beats more then that .. home sweet home ..

        India is the best alwaysssss….
        Last year i came to india for 3 days 🙂

        and yeah aa jao welcome anytime, just need hours notice to reach the airport thats all .. anytime welcome here ..

        and they are predicting the big freeeze so aana hai to jaldi aiye nahin to flights cancel 🙂 he heh ehe


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