CCE – Its an YES from me.

I hope that many of you are aware of the fact that the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) had made the Tenth Standard Board Exams optional. It certainly is a relief to many parents, but there is a huge sect of people, who wish that the Board Exams be conducted. (their reasons are many).

But this is the truth now – Optional Board Exams. So, how is it made optional ??? Optional to whom ???

The CBSE explains it as follows :

* Students wishing to continue the XI and XII standards in the same school, need not write the Board Exams. The School based Final Exams conducted, will be treated as the deciding criteria for admission into the XI class. Further, there is also a note that says students of the same school cannot be denied admission into XI.  So, looking at this option, it certainly is a blessing that the Board Exams have been done with, finally – at least, the pressure levels have been reduced on the students.

** Those students who wish to shift to a different Board – the State Board, only need to write the Board Exams. Now, that looks so simple, right.

Read this article, from The Hindu, before proceeding further with my post. [Article Link]

Here’s only one major confusion for me :

However, the final mark sheets given by the Board to students will not indicate which of the SA2 examinations that student took, according to C. Satish, Senior Principal, R.M.K. Group of Schools, who participated in the meeting with the chairman.

Now, if the final mark sheet is not going to indicate whether the student took a Board Exam or the School based SA-2, then what difference it makes if the student took the SA-2 exam and decides to shift out of the school ???  I feel that they should have different report cards for students who wish to leave school or at least there should be a mention that the students have attempted the Board Exam.

This X standard, being the first batch is sure to face a lot of difficulties in adjusting to this new mode of evaluation, called the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE).

So many schools have started implementing the CCE starting from their Kinder Garden classes, which is very good, because the students are moulded to this new system from the time they start school and parents too get accustomed to this system from the beginning.

This system reiterates the fact that the student cannot be evaluated using one examination over the end of the year and that his overall performance in various areas, throughout the year, need to be monitored. And that’s very good. This system also helps in identifying areas of interest and performance, other than academics.

The continuous assignments and projects given every week called the Formative Assessments (FA), are to ascertain that the knowledge from the books has been employed in different situations and the concept understood better.  Students are made to work in groups to do this Assessment, which makes them a team player too. Recognizing leadership qualities, happens naturally in a team.

So, as parents, let us not crib about these FAs, which does take up a considerable time in the students after-school time….but with better planning, it can be accomplished quite easily.  I am not the kind of person, who says that these FAs are more important than play time….Naah, never.  Going out with friends, an evening match with friends, a simple walk around, a chit-chat session – anything to do with friends is a must to lighten the heart and relax the mind.  My only point is, a planned approach to these FAs, don’t look as scary as they seem to be, for many.

Now, there are two Summative Assessments (SA) in a year – like two semesters and the portions are not carry forwarded to another semester – which is a big relief to many. So, the Final Examinations (SA2), will not be on the whole book (as we used to have, when I did my Boards), but only on half the portions, which was covered in that Semester.  This is another advantage of this system.

I’ve to admit at this point, that the load on the teachers have doubled or tripled with this new method of evaluation, as they have records to monitor each and every thing associated with every single student.  Its high time, the parents understood this and be very supportive of this system and the teachers, who are working doubly harder, now.

Any new system needs time for people to get adjusted with and this CCE is no exception. I know many a parents, who just cannot or won’t understand this and are blindly supporting the Board Exams. Lets understand at this point, that the Board Exams are no good, if the students are dying of that pressure.

One more thing, which needs to be appreciated, is the Mark Sheet will have only the grades obtained by the students and not the marks in two decimal places. Thats wonderful news !!! It might sound so dis-interesting to parents, who are after marks. But slowly and surely, this will change the mentality of parents to reduce the pressure on students. When the pressure is less, the students learn better, in a relaxed surrounding.  Knowledge gained is certainly in a better ratio.

I am all for this CCE, which is sure to change the way children study and will certainly bring down the high-pressure study years.

Lets build knowledge – Marks don’t matter !!!


Read through the CBSE’s CCE here.


31 Replies to “CCE – Its an YES from me.”

  1. Oh I think this is the wisest decision taken by the CBSE in years, first step towards real learning rather than scoring and % competitions that were taking a real scary turn in the past some years..

    I agree its a lot of work for teachers but than may be after this we will start respecting our teachers for what they are worth and not think of it as a last career option anyone can have… but I guess that is a topic of a seperate post (I shld do it no? just too lazy these days)

    ok I digressed as usual… I think optional boards, CCE are comendable steps, we parents should stop cribing and accept it. I agree that with all changes the batch or two the helm of it will go thru confusion but that is not really fully avoidable… 😦 according to me what should be done is X boards be totally done with and I think this is the first step towards that


    1. Yeah Monu…a sensible decision finally by Kapil Sibal. Lets support it.

      Teaching profession always had this honorable glow to it…now its pretty sure, that they slog a lot too…some can say that they have better timings to deal with everyday and of course, holidays are more. But from what I am witnessing everyday from my balcony (yeah, I can see the school, my daughters go to), the teachers come in at 8.15am and are there till 5pm, which is as good as a 9-6 job timing. Its lots of hard work, for sure.

      I think we are going towards that soon – “No board exams” will soon be a reality.


    1. Ahh! Wish these things in place, children will really LEARN something and not just learn them by-heart for marks, throw the answers on the paper and forget them altogether. Education has got to be character-building and that involves an all-round development.

      I think people who are really interested in the field of teaching will rejoice in shaping up the children well and doing whatever they can for that. They will be more than happy for the well-being of their students 🙂 I teach hardly on Saturdays and I know how much my students mean to me in this small time 🙂 I cn so imagine how much they will be a part of the life of their teachers 🙂


  2. I dont agree to it, there shud be some sort of body tha can dcide how good a student is .. its becoming tooooooooooo easy I must say..

    but then i also agree that learning is must and not mugging up.. CATCH 22 situation i guess

    more professional learning wud begood , so studnets actualy know something to work with when they pass out of school or college..

    lets seee .. it will be in the long run we will know the effects


    1. Of course there is a deciding body – the CBSE. But its not required at Class X, when there are two more classes to do. The XII board exams are there for real and they are compulsory.

      Its better to acquire knowledge than mindlessly mug up stuff. It makes a difference while choosing a career path or chasing your way to your passions. 🙂

      Of course, the effects of this system can be seen soon and will surely be of great help to the students. 🙂


  3. Uma,

    Such a comprehensive post. You have clarified so many things. I had just read very superficially about it, and now understand it all far better.

    I am with you. It makes a lot of sense. And it will really work, if we all work together. The students, parents and the teachers. The teachers will be under a lot of pressure, as you say, but it can be made easier if parents understand and everybody works to support the system, in it’s early years.


  4. It’s high time this happened!!! Really, it’s a pity that childhood is spent in a rat race… not like the rest of your life is any different!

    Remember when parents would say, “Just work hard now… then life will be simple”
    For 10th, 12th, grad…. sigh!

    You’ve given some extensive info, and yes, teachers are gonna have to work harder…

    But this should def bring some relief to the kids.

    I join you in saying YES!


  5. Just mugging up everything without understanding what they read, will not be the case hereafter. Parents thinking that sending children to tuitions and ignoring to check what they do, how they are faring, will be gone…hope this is the first good step towards good learning.

    Thanks for explaining in detail, Uma! We are able to understand about the pros and cons in this one post, nice.


  6. Well written Uma. I guess parents who want their kids to truly learn and not merely mug up will really appreciate and support this initiative. Though its a lot of effort on the part of teachers and parents too, esp of small children who cannot manage assignments and projects on their own. It gets on the nerves at times, but its all for good i believe. So of course..its an YES!!


  7. Oh ya..finally…the children are all set to learn, rather than mugging up and vomiting them in papers! Wise decision!
    But, I still don’t understand why we Indians show so much importance towards child education? Of course one can argue that we have best talent in the world. But aren’t we crusading the child’s interest and passion and nagging them to only study,write homework, assignments, practicals, tests, exams and more tests and exams!!
    Uff…And the entire drama that goes around the house for kids who’ve joined IIT coaching classes and entrance exam classes is unbearable!
    Don’t know when these will change!!


  8. It’s nice that the pressure is a bit reduced for the kids and the parents!
    CCEs are good. Aaryan’s school has this system of evaluation. Frequent tests but with short syllabus is good for overall learning and understanding of the subject!


  9. plzzz change the system we want our old system onlyyyyyyyyyyy bcoz it is not deacresing the pressure instead increasing pressure ……..
    if v want to tak board n want tat pattern which was earlier for board xams i mean tat was i year 2006-07-08
    plzzzzzzzzzz change itttttt………….


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