The Changing Colors in Chennai

This was taken about a month back, I guess.


Just look at the color of the leaves…..I just love them. Those tender leaves in that wonderful shade make a beautiful contrast to the old green leaves.

Who says you can’t spot the changing seasons in Chennai ???? Or the lovely colored leaves over here ?????

Now, look at this one, taken last week. Its amazing.  Look at the transformation. 🙂

Look at that wonderful shade of green, which really feels like hugging it !!!  Now, who wouldn’t wait for mangoes from this beautiful tree ??? 😉 😛

Nature around us is so so beautiful, like this simple mango tree, which can lift my spirits by the colors it shows. And I love watching and admiring Nature, which makes me feel so alive and so damn lucky to be part of this World, to enjoy them all.


47 Replies to “The Changing Colors in Chennai”

  1. Drenched
    in the maternal sap
    from a monsoon earth
    all across the branches
    the family
    the new births
    of the new,
    translucent skinned
    in shades of light copper.

    Mature suhasinis
    in green,
    crowding around the newborns;
    dewy eyes shining
    as they acknowledge
    the elder Gulmohur,
    looking on

    A month later,
    and much acclimatized,
    the young ones have learned
    the ways of the world,
    how to share the goodies
    from the soil,
    the drizzles on unseasonal rain,
    as they mature
    into a brilliant green
    and are able
    to keep the latest secret.

    The hint
    and the aroma,
    of some blossoms,
    some more sweetness
    the coming summer….


    1. Suranga, I am waiting for that promise of sweetness this summer. 🙂 🙂 Loved the use of suhasinis !!! 🙂 🙂 Keep the latest secret…. WOW !!! 🙂 🙂

      Brilliant verses, yet again. 🙂


  2. I want to get a saree of the same green colour here above 🙂 the next time I’m at a saree shop I’m sure to say: ‘Mera wala green’ 😀

    But this green also portrays hope and happiness rather its usual envy,isn’t it ? 🙂


    1. Thats so nicely put Nu….it does portrays hope for a good season of mangoes, and happiness by the “yours truly” to pluck them all and eat it too…. 😛 😛 LOL !! 🙂

      Take a print out of this pic, when u go shopping for that “mera wala green” 😉


    1. Not yet, Pals….its on the list of places….shld try it this weekend or the next. 🙂

      Hai na beautiful ??? We do have beauty around us, even in Chennai….just see through the camera lens to focus on more beautiful places. 😉


    1. Like it more, by reading my other blog on Chennai….its there on the top of this page. Its a city like others…we just need to like it, from the way we want. 🙂


  3. Wow! Now that’s new to me! Haven’t seen anything near to this all these years Uma! Great capture ! And thanks for sharing them 🙂
    I don’t know whether to praise about the all green leaves, or those faded, yet colorful brownish leaves!


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