Too many thots

So many thoughts flood me now…..

There are times when I felt that my shift to Chennai would’ve been avoided and I would’ve stayed in my fav city Hyderabad. But for the past 2 weeks, I am thankful of my stay here, which in a way makes me closer to my Appa.  My presence is not going to change many things, but it helps to heal my heart that I am nearer to my Appa, than a STD call.  I feel that I am in the right and destined place, now. I don’t think I could’ve been able to take so many days off from my girls’ school schedule and made a trip to Chennai. So, this is the best place for me, today.

He is healing, but its taking time…..some medicines take the longest time to show some results. And we are stuck in the longest time braces.

But we are hopeful….What’s life without hope, huh ???? Even though every moment tries hard in breaking the wall of hope, the heart succeeds in maintaining the wall of hope strong with the love towards the fatherly soul.

All your words of hope and prayer, is so much close to my heart….here are the hearts that are praying for my Appa, which is a great healer.

Diwali being so close….just 4 days away, there are so many things to do….but the heart is not responding to so many things….

Yet, I am consoling myself to make some sweets and other things for the sake of my daughters…..

Last Diwali was terrible with shifting to Chennai and we never got to celebrate my fav festival properly. This time I shouldn’t let the worries of the heart interfere with the celebrations….

The heart is not a dumbo….it understands perfectly what the desires are. And also that not all desires are approved by the Moderator above us….but still we wish that the desires are not sent to SPAM or Deleted Permanently !! We start praying at least for a delayed approval !!! How silly of the heart to expect so much, all in the hope that all our desire will be granted or approved !!!

Those things which get granted for us, whether desired by us or not, are for us to handle and prove that we are worthy of living.  They are life’s tasks to us, to prove our capabilities.

Am I blabbering ??? Or u think that I am philosophical suddenly ????  Its all the confusion and gap between the likes of the heart and the granted ones by the Moderator and the mind’s unstableness in accepting them !!!!

Here’s a wish for Healthy Happiness to my Dad !!!

Here’s a prayer for the Strength of the mind and heart to handle the situation !!!

Here’s a warm hug to all my dear friends, for helping me, by their lovely chat/sms msgs and hugs and mails.

Here’s a congratulatory hug to myself for at last understanding the need behind my presence in this city.


35 Replies to “Too many thots”

    1. Hugs back Ritu. 🙂 So true….we aspire and aspire, knowing very well that everything might not come true….

      But these desires and hopes make us human, right ????


  1. Hugs, Uma!!! ‘How silly of the heart to expect so much, all in the hope that all our desire will be granted or approved !!!’ – this is exactly what Life is about 🙂


    1. Yes Pal !!! 🙂 Hope is that thing which helps us to survive against the thunder-storm life !!! Every turn has something happening totally unexpectedly…..

      Hugs to you, too. 🙂


  2. Hey.. wishing you all the best.. I do strongly beleive that if we dont dream, or if we dont have wishes and thoughts and desires Then how will they get fulfilled ..

    Wishing your dad a Healthy happiness, my prayers and wishes with you Uma.. God is great and it will all be fine …
    I am so happy to read the line that you are with your dad rather then a std call. Really one bad thing living so far away .. and one thing i will always regret..

    You take care of yourself and everyone around you … warm wishes



    1. Am so happy Bikram, for u believing in your dreams….plz stay that way forever. 🙂

      Thanks for all the wishes…they surely are the healers. 🙂

      Yes, I’ve been a STD call away for many years, and now I understand the importance of my presence here….


  3. Don’t worry Babes… we pass the worst of times to actually know why it was inflcited on us … the learning never goes a waste .. there’s always an agenda 🙂 .. this too will pass but will take time … keep faith 🙂 .. and yes keep smiling 😀


    1. Yes….the learning never goes a waste….theres a reason behind everything…. – Hey, silly heart of mine, are u listening to Sags ????? 🙂 Yeah, I am smiling now…. 😀 😀 😀


  4. You know what, medicines do heal, but what really will work in your Appa’s case is his real tonics, that is , you and the girls. (My ma-in-law used to call my son her tonic). I hope and pray that your Appa gets well soon. Sending lots and lots of healing wishes your way …..


  5. Some changes and some moves are destined to have a bigger impact in our lives than what we initially perceive 🙂
    Here’s sending loads of peace, happiness and health to your Appa 😛
    {{{{{{hugs}}}}}} take care dear 🙂


    1. Exactly….proves that the mind’s perceptions are tinier compared to the reality later !!!

      Thanks for the wishes…am taking them all with me, to see my dad. 🙂

      Hugs back to you. 🙂


  6. Hugs Uma! Uncle will be back on his feet soon, don’t worry. Am sure your being nearby must have been a huge blessing. As they say, everything happens for the best.

    As for desires and hopes that is what keeps us going, isn’t it ? What is life without aspirations and hopes…


  7. Hugs uma,ur appa will recovery soon and u will have wonderful diwali.

    I am thankful of my stay here, which in a way makes me closer to my Appa.—same here uma,very happy to be near my mom.


  8. When the children are near the parents, the parents never feel weak in the heart, even when they are weak physically. They would expect you all to be happy on the festival day, for your sake and for their special grand children’s sake.

    All our prayers are with you and your dad, Uma, take care.


  9. Life sometimes works in mysterious move to Chennai was one such work. Love helps the heeling process go fast and I bet with you love of you and your daughters, your appa will walk the road of mend faster.

    Sending wishes and prayers for him.


  10. God always has better plans! I’m glad you are near your dad and to morally support your amma. It could’ve not been possible if you were in Hyd. Our prayers are always with you and your dad. When you have too many things to share, you do get philosophical, and words just pour out !! But each of your words make so much sense Ums!
    Let this diwali bring good health and speedy recovery to your appa..


  11. Hugss Uma…

    With all you loved ones around, Dad will be back on his feet, bouncing about in no time!!! As for the big move, well, u’ve got all of us friends here as well … Big SMilessss

    Go bake a nice delicious YUMMM RUM Chocolate cake… we’ll all come over to devour it and lets celebrate LIFE!!

    Happy Diwali to you too


  12. True Uma! We rarely ever know our place in the big picture that is life. Glad that you’ve realised and are grateful for why you are where you are at this moment!! Hope your Appa will be well soon.
    Warm wishes to you and your family. May Diwali bring in a lot of cheer to you all 🙂
    Hugs and Take care!!


  13. people are the best strength and I’m glad you’ve them all in the form of friends and family !!!

    Uncle will get well soon,I promise 🙂

    Yes your move was necessary..there are times that we don’t realize what happens in life is for good and is required…


  14. Hugs Ums.. Whatever happens, happens for the best. Heres wishing uncle a speedy recovery. I’m sure your presence is making all the positive difference and he will be fine soon 🙂

    Life is about having faith and staying positive. Dont lose out on hope because as you rightly said life is nothing without hope :). You’re truly blessed to have such wonderful family and friends in your life who help keep youself strong.

    May this Diwali bring you and your loved ones loads of happiness and cheer 🙂


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