The Windmills - on the Nagercoil - Tirunelveli route

46 Replies to “WW-20”

        1. Sags, yeah, it was drizzling where we were, so probably over that peak too… 🙂

          Pinooo…thats a wonderful thing to do – a girl get-together on a mountain…WOW !!! 🙂

          Yes, Sags, and chai too….me love it. 😛 😛


    1. @ Comfy…yes, u guessed right…its a pic in motion. 🙂

      Smitha, Kanagu, Comfy – Its an amazing place, where Nature is in perfect sync !!! The mountains, clouds, the sky all complement each other perfectly. 🙂


    1. Shail – Oh yeah, you shld be knowing abt them all. Its the most picturesque place ever. 🙂
      Monu – LOL, you wanted to buy one ??? You always think something diff… 🙂 🙂 Thanks. 🙂
      Nu – Thank you darling….I know they are in perfect tandem. 🙂
      Tiku – Thanks…never thot that this pic will come out so well, as we took from a travelling car. 🙂
      Pix – Thank you sweetie. 🙂
      Indy – U’ve been there ??? Certainly a sight to behold, na ???


  1. Absolutely lovely! I love windmills and this time when we were in India I could show Namnam also a line of windmills on our drive back from Shirdi to Pune. Oh it was beautiful, Ums!


      1. You know what, I saw a field of windmills (eh more like a line ;)) en route some place but I don’t remember where now… loved the fans going round and round lazily when wind blew… like they were forced to work 😛


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