Peaceful Relaxation

Thursday Challenge never fails to inspire me to think differently. And today is no exception….for finding Peace and to Relax seems to be constant yearning for many. And I’ve found mine, here, with Buddha. 🙂

Come and relax your Soul !!!

33 Replies to “Peaceful Relaxation”

  1. In Sri lLnka and Thailand I have seen see so many different statues along the highways etc But in all the face of the Buddha is always serene! We have a really huge one on a hill in our area here too!


    1. You know what Saks…I took so many angles of Buddha !!! But was not satisfied with the results. So, placed the Buddha on the Crochet, in a lying pose and then clicked this…came out very well. 🙂

      Sweet dreams… 😉


  2. Indy, Shilpa, Swaru, Pratibha – Thanks girls…yes, its a moment of serenity to look at Buddha. 🙂

    Corinne – Yes, I have this at home…S got it from Bangkok. 🙂

    CelestialRays, Pix, Priya, Pinoo, Pal, Monu – Am so glad to share this moment of peace and relaxation with you all. 🙂

    Indrani – Thank you so much. 🙂

    DI, Piyu, Lakshmi, Tiku, Smitha, Comfy – Let this Buddha bring the peace and serenity, which I experienced. 🙂

    Agnes – Oh !! Really ???? Good buy. 🙂 🙂


  3. This is indeed relaxing, I rmember going to a trek in Assam and we went to a place called RUMTEK monastary , stayed there for 2 days and i tell you the relaxation we had there huge statues of budda and the chanting it was really great

    one of the best places i have ever been ..

    beautiful pic…

    Bikram’s Blog


  4. Everyone here spoke of the serenity of the Buddha. But what caught my attention was something else (sometimes I felt off the track for being so). Was the first sentence of the post: “something that makes me think differently.” That got me thinking: “the one” we love is the one that makes us feel good within our own person or is that which brings us out of our own person to find something new?
    Maybe I’ll spend the whole week thinking about the answer to that, maybe I will write a post asking people about it. Anyway, you were very inspiring, thank you ^-^


    1. Kanagu, sm, Vishesh, Vee, Pepper – Glad u all like it. 🙂
      David – Welcome and thank for thinking that I inspire. 🙂
      Bikram – Its an awesome experience, you shld blog abt it. Do u have pics of that monastery ???


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