61 Replies to “WW-19”

    1. Oh dear…didnt this one show up on the reader ???? 😉 😉

      Anyway, first S has gone out. 🙂 🙂 😛 😛 Then, I was busy the whole day with Navrathri, visiting ppl and eating sundal, I am catching up on posts now…might be busy tomorrow tooo…. 😉

      A high net is right. Any other place ????? Think, think……


  1. The trees and i
    grew up

    Me ,
    tossing ,
    tennis balls
    in my backyard court,
    and they,
    like favorite aunts,
    brushing a palm fringe
    across their faces,
    shaking heads
    in the breeze,
    occasionally bending
    to see
    what the older ones were thinking,
    and then,
    a sweet coconut
    my reward
    for a wonderful shot……

    No house now,
    but a tennis club,
    the old trees,
    now bent
    with age,
    non plussed
    the champion kids
    strong and fast,
    an occasional shot
    going straight
    into the sea,
    sometimes into other lands
    with the speed of thought….

    A high net
    to keep
    the shots in.
    And the Amma tree
    the Patti tree,
    draws its palm fringed pallu
    across the shoulder
    and says,
    Is this cricket,
    that you must
    high fences
    us and the players ?”

    ***Gives a bow of admiration*** Suranga, every time u come up with a poem for WW, I become Wordless and totally spellbound, by your imagination of the picture. 🙂 🙂


    1. Thank you. Waiting for your WW has almost become a game 🙂 ….Its so much fun…. But sometimes I wonder if this place is some political bigwigs palatial residence on the beach in Chennai ? Curious to know what it is …..


      1. Suranga, am glad to know that my pics make an impact on the poetess…. 🙂 BTW, this is at a Golf Course, in Chennai….its a small, artificial one…so the nets, but the place is damn beautiful. 🙂


  2. yes the advantage of being at that time , not fair though i can never be FIRST.. 😦

    whats that plam tree and behind a iran mast with net or something … 🙂

    and sun behind amazing ….


    1. Oh yeah….missed the FIRST position….better luck next post… 😉

      Thats the net for the Golf course….yeah, I too love the sun behind the palm trees. 🙂


  3. Beautiful silhouette!! And the branches of the tree are so intricately taken! Great work!
    Is this that golf club cum resort on OMR? I remember seeing it around there !!


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