Music anyone ???

MUSIC is the the Theme for Thursday Challenge !!! So, here is mine. 🙂

MUSIC anytime...

There are two ear jacks in the headphone set – one has a “L” meaning Left Ear and the other “R” meaning Right Ear….but there is no mention that both the Ears should belong to the same person. 😉

So, here’s my girls, sharing music…. 🙂 🙂


59 Replies to “Music anyone ???”

  1. Hahah…I do this with my friends all the time 🙂
    The challenge here is to stand close so that the damn thing doesnt fall off!! LOL
    Wish it were some cute guy I was sharing it with…then it wud have some meaning… 😛


    1. LOL – thats a challenge – yeah, I think so too… 🙂

      Why dont u find one cute guy to share this headphone set ???? It’ll add more masala to MM series… 😉


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