Do you drink Complan ???

From the ads above, we can infer the following finer details :

– First and foremost is, all the farmers can stop producing vegetables, fruits, rice, wheat, pulses.  Theres no need to them now, becos the children dont eat it at all. And the mothers prefer giving them Complan.

– When children are drinking Complan, their parents and grandparents too can start drinking it, thereby saving money. You see, they dont have to buy the sky-rocketing vegetables and other stuff. Just milk or water is enough.

– The mothers will be having so much free time – if they dont have to buy any groceries or veggies, whats there to cook ???? Even after doctors around the world have proved that cooking is a great stress-buster, Complan advises mothers to stay away from cooking….WOW !!!!  Drink Complan, whenever hungry – looks like the slogan for life.

– No tension in the morning, while packing lunch – actually, theres no need to pack lunch – only a glass of complan needs to be packed !!!

– Why the children ???? Everyone who drinks Complan will grow in height !!! 😉 India will be full of tall people.

Extra Growing Power, huh ????

Now, isnt it wonderful ???? Such a drink, which will render the farmers jobless in a country, full of villages and fields !!!

My cousin used to go for dance classes, when she was in her teens. After all the tiring school work and all, she used to fall down without energy in the dance class. So, her dance teacher suggested that she drink complan…. 😉 😉 Maybe the dance teacher was Brand Ambassador of that product…God knows !!! 😉  And my cousin tried drinking Complan for a few days and this is what she told me – “I dont feel hungry for nearly 5 hours after drinking Complan”. When I asked my doctor about this (already Sr was born to me), he said that “Complan is a very heavy drink, which takes hours to digest. I dont recommend this to any child below 15 years.”  🙄   🙄

I feel  its the duty of the mother, to introduce different kinds of food to her children. Every thing cannot be achieved by supplements and supplementary drinks.  The different tastes, the sweet, sour, bitter, hot, tangy are all required for the body and they help in different functions.  Just drinking the sweet complan alone will not help all the time.

There are so many methods to make a child eat – first of all, start the habit of eating as a family – when the child sees the father and mother eating different kinds of food, automatically, they’ll follow suit. The parents need to lead by example.

Second, if the kids dont like a veggie in a particular form, try giving it in other forms. I always make methi as paranthas for my daughter, to make her eat it. They’ll gradually pick up the taste, and start eating other variations.

Allow them to have lunch in their close friend’s house. They might try something new or they might like a differently done dish. Of course, consult with the friend’s mom, before sending your child. 😉

My girls love their patti so much – so when she serves them something, they quietly eat it – they dont say no to her, even if they dont like it.  Then my girls realise, that they actually like the dish. 😉

The nutritionists, doctors around the world are screaming about the goodness of vegetables, fruits, spices, herbs, pulses, grains and how they are related to the effective functioning of the human body – Do you think Complan can substitute them all ????

Where there is a will, there is a way, dear parents. So, if you are really interested in making your child eat the regular food which you cook at home, take some effort and try hard at it, before falling for the Complan drink. 😉  After all, Complan is not something for your life. 😉

Take care parents….after all, the whole idea of living is possible only with proper food….and not by drinking Complan. 🙂


53 Replies to “Do you drink Complan ???”

  1. Awesome post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Absolutely loved it! 🙂
    My parents too keep saying this all the time;) Of course they gave us bournvita…but that was ONLY to make us drink those tall glasses of milk 😉

    And most importantly, Complan sucks 😛 its got a horrid taste 😛


    1. Oh really…I didnt know that Complan sucks… 😉

      Thank you Priya…see, as long as Complan / Horlicks / Boost / Bournvita are not considered as main food or methods to make children grow taller / sharper / more active….as long as other kids who dont drink any of these are not discriminated…its all fine.


  2. Ooooh… So true.. So very true. I dont like substitue food. I like good whole some food. Being in America, my daughter eats non-Indian food for lunch. i ensure to keep our evening dinners simple, wholesome Indian. We would make noodles (loaded with veggies) or pasta’s (wheat and once again loaded with veggies).
    She might not eat all the vegetables but she will try.
    I prefer going to a party and have V nibble her way there. She might not eat a complete meal, but she will eat whatever was cooked. I know parents who would feed the kids dinner/ lunch before heading out saying: ” My kids dont eat out”. They are not giving the kid an option.
    My husband and I are foodies and we are happy to try different cuisines. Just this weekend- it was french Crepes. And I am happy to report, V ate them, horsed them down actually. Yes it did take time to convince her to try it. But once she did, there was no looking back.

    We do get: “I dont want it” or “Eww” or “Not enough food in tummy”… but its worth the trouble.
    Now… I am surprised.. No complan below 15.. wow!!!! May be it can be my diet food


    1. Of the whole comment, my eyes fell on that French Crepes….WOW, sounds interesting to try it… 🙂

      Am so happy that u are being patient with V and allowing her to take time to eat the veggies…they’ll come to it, when they know that there is not enough choice. 🙂

      WOW – Diet food for elders ???? But I believe it’ll put on tremendous bone weight…there are so many side effects of drinking such health drinks, which we might not know now.


    1. Chaai illiyo ???? 😉

      That we know from the foodie pics u post – beans poriyal with coconut is ur fav, right ??? And avial too…and sambhar of course…ok, let me not tell all the secrets… 😉 😉


  3. I so agree with you Uma. I try and change the look, of the form of vegetable to get her to eat it. Sometimes I smuggle it in gravies 🙂 But I don’t see how drinks like Complan can be an effective substitue. As for the ads, they just promise the moon and the stars in the hope that someone will fall for it 🙂

    The amount of energy drinks that I see in India, clearly indicates that there is a market for it. I try to ensure that Poohi gets 5 servings of fruits and veggies at least in a day. Hopefully, that should ensure that she grows as tall as she could get 🙂


    1. These Ads are so misleading…actually I am amazed at how elders too fall for it. They are the ones who shld advice the children not to fall for the gimmicks in the ads….

      I love the second point – plenty of exercise – such a true thing….when they are so tired and hungry, even palak sabzis will taste like heaven… 😛 😛 Evil mom, then count me in too… 😉


  4. Uma – Are you a CEO of Anti-marketing Complan 😉

    Jokes apart! I used to drink complan for around 10-15 years. Now I understand why I was so lean. But thankfully, I moved to Boost, which still remains the secret of my double energy 🙂

    Now..Now…I have to utter this word “Neenga engayo poittenga” – I mean the respect I have for you sky-rocketed!
    Valid points, and well said. I have a lot to learn from you 🙂 🙂 🙂


    1. LOL Anu…if there is something like, I’ll love to be. 🙂 🙂

      So, you’ve double energy, huh ???? Give me half of it …. 😉 😉

      Thank you….engiyum pogale….indha gyanamellam anubavam pesugiradhu… 😉


  5. Back at Mom’s place or now here, I always eat a lot of veggies! There is no veggie that I particularly don’t eat except Eggplant.
    Whethere indian or italian or watsoever, I always add ample Vegetables into it; Or simply bake them with salt and pepper. That’s the only good thing I do in cooking 😉


  6. There should be a super-like button for this post. Absolutely right, Uma!! How can Complan substitute natural fruits/veggies?? It can only supplement,and not replace. The extent advertisers go to sell their products!! Laughable 🙂


    1. I am on a round of talks with the WP ppl, for including this button – SUPER LIKE, on your recommendation. 😉 🙂 Thanks Pal. 🙂 🙂

      I hate this Complan Ad !!! 👿


  7. Oh ya .. totally can relate… I used to call such dishes as ‘recycled food’ yet had to eat them .. the hidden stuff – was fed gourd for over a year mashed in daal before i went to hostel to realise that ‘daal’ is usually not thick …. n now all set to do the same to my kids 😉 😉

    btw I was a bournvita girl 😀


    1. LOL @ ur realisation of dhal not being thick !!! It was the gourd at work, mashed…he he he…but good for you… 😉 🙂

      I’ll be waiting to know the experiences you face as a mother… 😉 😉


  8. Oh God..if only one could grow tall from drinking some drink the world would be filled with 6 feel plus people. Apparently this product is so powerful that it can override everyone’s genetic makeup.

    Plus the whole feed the kid Complan and they are done with all their nutritional needs. What really?? And they have the nerve to show a doctor for the ad. 😡


    1. I know Comfy…I hate ppl dressed up in doctor’s coats and coming in Ads for tooth brushes, health drinks…it somehow doesnt feel proper for me…

      I agree on that changing the genetic makeup too, Comfy. Its high time ppl stay away from such products…


  9. Great post Uma. I hate ads for that, for offering substitutes for natural food and hyping it up so much. S always takes rice and vegetables for lunch, and sometimes comes back and tells me that other kids make fun of her saying she bring it every day and they all bring sandwiches and noodles. So once I gave her noodles with veggies, which she actually likes. But the next day she herself told me that “Amma, you pack rice and veggies only, it is ok others make comments out of it”. Once children start liking the taste and variety of veggies and fruits, they will be hooked to it for life. I somehow ended up not trying a variety of food growing up and still have a hard time trying out different veggies 😦


    1. So sweet S !!! Hugs to that darling girl for getting her lessons right – that show the good job you’ve done as a mother. 🙂 🙂

      Its very true…the tastes we learn during our childhood days, stay with us forever. 🙂


  10. there is this Bournvita++ commercial which says “apne bacche ki battery charge rakhiye”..purpose to put it here is even after so much of exercise and tiring routine the children need some supplement to support their system…

    so either ways these drinks are wanting to enter the households and be the primary source of food and energy for the kids !

    I have been drinking bournvita all my life long since my childhood…but that was given to me as not a substitute for the food and vegetables…but like an extra supplement which I relished !

    Of course today’s kids are less into physical activities as compared to our times when playing 2 hours in the eve was a must 🙂


    1. and now there are legalised noodles called Foodles… 😀 Now mommies are not supposed to say no to this junk lot because the commercial itself claims that it’s healthy and full of nutrients 🙂


    2. Nu, I feel that all these drinks dont help that much – its the milk which goes inside..probably.

      Exactly my point too…less physical activities, more comp + TV time – how can the kids be hungry ??? Then give them complan, thats all – hunger is vanished…this takes hours to digest. So, when will the kids eat their veggies / fruits ???

      Oh, I hate all these foodles / maggi – I never make them at home.


  11. Brilliant post Uma 😛
    The doctors yell out all the time, there are TV programs and magazine articles highlighting importance of good,fresh nourishing diet, but does this make kids eat the veggies?? NO

    It’s when parents put in that extra effort to make vegetables interesting to the kids and adjust to their liking by smartly ‘hiding’ or ‘transforming’ their looks the magic happens.

    Supplements are are called so for a reason, it’s up to us to not let them become the main food 😛 😛


    1. WOW…can u share those recipes of making biscuit with bournvita or complan ???? 🙂

      Even I dont like the additives…my girls drink only plain milk – without sugar. 🙂


  12. Coffee has always been my elixir 😛
    I hate such ads for one most imp. reason. Did u read that news abt an young boy who committed suicide bcoz he dint grow tall after drinking one of these supplements?
    He had pestered his Mom to buy him some using his scholarship; they are from a very poor family and he had got money from school for being a bright student!!!! Alas, he is gone for not being tall 😦 I think it’s very important to teach children its important to grow, but being tall/thin/muscular whatever is not the aim in life!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. Oh dear…thats a sad thing to happen…see how they are obsessed with these ads…the parents shld make sure that ads are nothing but gimmicks and nothing is true in it…

      Such things are part of the genetic make up – why change them with a drink ???


    1. No Monu…its not like that…there are so many other options to make milk drinkable – the same flavors that complan provides, can be done at home – if flavors are a necessity… I dont think that the health drinks are a must to make children drink milk.


  13. Nice one! 🙂 Coming from someone who has very good experience in it! 😀

    Kids will love grandmothers’ cooking…any day. And yes to maintain children’s attention you need variety…and the extra effort. Otherwise its difficult… (I remember my childhood very well..)


    1. Thank you Ash. 🙂

      See, we remember our childhood foods so well…the way grandma will make it -the taste still lingers in our tongues…

      So, what are we giving our child ??? Only Complan tastes to remember ??? Thats yuck… We can do better than that.


  14. Awesome post Uma. I have done just what you say and my kids grew up eating vegetables (except karela) much to the surprise of other family members whose crib is that their children don’t eat vegetables.
    Thank you Shail. 🙂 I know, my elder one avoids karela, but younger one has that too…becos S loves karela. The kids get inspired by their parents, right ???

    There were family members who tried convincing me that Bournvita should be added to milk to make my children healthier. I said, ‘What nonsense!’ and to tell you the truth, that person was really surprised coz he genuinely believed that Bourinvita did all that is advertised! :O I can’t imagine how these ads fool even educated people.
    Exactly…even I dont understand how educated ppl to believe in such ads…

    And I have never said such things as ‘Look at the boy in the ad. If you drink milk you will grow like him’ or any such nonsense. Right from the beginning, we (my husband and I) used to make fun of the ads on TV and whatever they showed, sort of tongue in cheek. (We still do) Our children grew up listening to that and soon they knew to look at ads with discerning eyes.
    LOL…I tried to explain to my kids that all these ads are total lies and nothing is true in that…its a technique to market the product…

    Lol, we too say similar things like you have written, at home. Why grow vegetables or even cook?? The way these ads go, drinking a glass of complan gives you everything. Have you seen the ad where all those mothers walk together to an institute to find out how their kids can grow taller?? We rotflol seeing it. The kids who drink whatever it is have colorful dresses and the others wear grey tees. Hahaha. Do the tees come with drink?? Looks like parents who don’t buy the whatever drink only go in for gray tees for their kids! 😛 And in the one you have posted, look how the mother looks all ashamed because her son is short. Haha. And we talk of unconditional love of parents!! The sad part is all this fools a lot of parents and even more kids. 😦
    LOL @ your research on that Horlicks ad…and there is this competition between Horlicks and Complan and each one of them tries to put down the other in their Ad – No ethics in making ads too…

    BTW have you noticed, if you have put on weight all you have to do is eat Kellogs for breakfast. No workouts, no nothing!! 😛 😆
    Oh, yeah…thats another genetically modified food….

    Making food interesting for kids is what we should do. If they don’t eat, leave them, let them eat when they are hungry.
    Oh, yeah, they’ll come to eat at sometime…
    Am so happy with your comment…Shail, with such similar thot process, we shld meet…it’ll be great meeting you. 🙂


  15. I am sure you drank a lot of Complan going by their assurance of growing tall. You didnt, because you had it at this old age. and now you are taking out all your frustration on the poor company !!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

    They spent crores in manufacturing a product and then getting it to people. I wouldnt blame the company at all, because for them its business and their intention is not to build a healthier India. Its left to us to decide if we need it or not.

    My parents never forced me to drink any of these drinks; infact, I grew up drinking Tang 😉 But they made sure I eat a lot of vegetables, calcium and protein rich.


    1. You grew up drinking Tang – thats why you are so COOL !!!! 😉 COOL Spidey !!!! 😉 🙂

      Am glad your mom made u eat them all – otherwise L will have a tough time at home. 😉 🙂

      Just to make someone’s business grow, ppl cannot be fed garbage, OK ???? I’ll never support it.


  16. I drink complan from past few months cuz of tight schedule i m not able to have proper lunch or breakfast . complan helped me but when i tried to stop it i found my self having Sm withdrawal symptoms like increase in heart rate,getting angry due to small reasons,later i had swelling on my palm and felt sleepy throughout DA day later on continuing WID DA drink it was all back to normal . . i use to take 2 spoons a day WID milk . now DA quantity is reduced only
    1 spoon WID lots of water . .


  17. all the supplements are very very harmful to the body.Our bodies are self sufficient to extract nutrients through food only.Can you imagine taking nutrients from chemicals whoa…..then why not take medicines as toffees or multivitamins for life long.I have lot of friends taking much supplements and got variety of disease like kidney failure,ulcers…enjoy death!!!!


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