News that troubles my mind, today

Did you read it in today’s paper ???

Rayana R Khasi, a 23 yr old, Aeronautical Engineer, faces threat calls for not wearing burqa.

Doesn’t Rayana has no right in choosing her way of dressing ???? How long are we going to be so un-realistic in forcing people’s way of dressing ????

And there is this one more news, which really disturbed me, so much.

Delhi teen, 2 brothers raped for year by school van driver, friends.

There are many such stories like these, every day. Every moment also, with the 24 * 7 news channel updates. But still, the heart is wrenched sad by such atrocities around us.


15 Replies to “News that troubles my mind, today”

  1. Truly Disturbing ! I find the issue of burkha must be a personal one! Why must a death threat be issued! Seriously! This is not the way, and I can’t digest that some think it is!

    And yes child abuse is so so sad, and silently swallowed b some kids till it is too late! The best thing to do is to tell kids that when threatened the FIRST people to tell should be their parents and to not ever fear the consequences! So painful to hear this! God help us all!


  2. I had read about rayana when i was in india. it is so sad that a grown up is not allowed the right to decide what she wants to wear. Our society seems to think that it has the right to decide for us 😦

    As for the second piece of news – heartbreaking…


  3. Oh God! This is disgusting. I hate watching the news. Its so full of such sh*t. makes one want to run away!

    And media too – they are to blame – agreed they bring things into spotlight – but they also spice up things without realising it is the question of a child’s life. Now everybody would be curious to know who the children are, their parents, etc. – their photos will be flashed everywhere, and to make life worse, some sodding idiot will go and interview them/parents/teachers/friends and ask ‘how they feel about this’. At the same time, the pervert van driver will appear on TV with a mask covering his face, as if it were something precious.

    I honestly feel, in such cases, media should hound the family of the criminal, and make sure his life (and the life of his immediate friends/family) is screwed – and the poor victims are protected from more misery than what they have already undergone.


  4. Those poor poor children. As a single mother, I was paranoid about their friends, where they went and what they did when they were young, I truly feel for them. It was something I was very scared about. I disagree with the comments – the media has to bring such things to light, so that other kids do not suffer. I hope the kids get proper therapy now to get them through the trauma and overcome it.


  5. 😦 😦 😦

    It’s sad that wonderful, positive items do nt make it to the main pages and the media write so much abt things, even weaving more stories abt sensitive things 😦 😦


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