Dancing away to glory !!!

The week just flies away. And before I know it, I am searching my picture archives to choose something for my WW and then the Thursday Challenge. While with WW, I can take a decision on what should I put up, Thursday Challenge is not so easy sometimes – that is when I dont have anything related to the topic mentioned. 🙂

Not to worry…found one this time, after so much difficulty. 😉

This Thursday it is, MUSIC (Singing, Dancing, Playing, Instruments, iPods, Concerts,…)  !!!

Children dancing Garba

We used to enjoy every festival in our apartment, in Hyd. Missing every moment of it. Now, in a matter of days, begins the Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations, then the Dussherra, the Diwali….missing them all.


50 Replies to “Dancing away to glory !!!”

    1. that is so true…I miss those days now too since …since a lot of reasons..may be calls for a post 😀

      But I love these months of the year…festive season starts with Ganesh Ji’s arrival…YAY


  1. I can sense how much you miss Hyderabad! 😦 But, I hope that you will find Chennai as interesting with time! Love the action in the pic! Feel like I’m watching it too!


  2. Celebrating festivals with friends and family members makes those events even more special, more fun 🙂

    Hope you had wonderful time at the Ganesh Chaturthi,Ums 🙂


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