The thundering black clouds, the green fields - mesmerising !!!

You can also read the wonderful poem by Suranga, which she wrote for this picture of mine, here.


45 Replies to “WW-14”

    1. Agnes – Yes, you are FIRST – a FIRST in my blog. Congrats. 🙂

      Agnes, Garima, OG, Kanagu, Pallavi, CB, Lakshmi, Shail – Am glad u like the green fields, the mesmerising mountains, the thundering black clouds bringing rain. 🙂 🙂

      Mons – Its there in the tag – pic taken during drive from Nagercoil to Tirunelveli. 🙂


    1. First of all, there are no captions – only tags. I wrote them to tell you all, where this pic has been taken. Simple. 🙂

      I know, I know…you speak for every one except yourself. :mrgreen:


  1. Palm trees
    areca nut trees,
    crowded at the edge,
    shoving and pushing
    each other
    out front,
    for a better view.

    They have stood waiting
    through the night,
    now in anticipation
    of the morning sun,
    the old hills
    and troublesome clouds.

    The sky curtain
    the Sun throws
    his welcome dialogue
    at the
    verdant green and golden
    rice fields,
    shrugging off the dew
    ready to begin a new day,

    A mild mountain breeze,
    the palms nod in unision,
    another great day
    oustide Tirunelveli.


    1. WOW !!! The best lines and words ever, to describe this picture….Thank you Surangaji !!! 🙂

      I’ve always wanted your poetry for some pictures of mine…today you made it happen…glad to have taken a pic, which inspired u to write those words of beautiful poetry. 🙂


      1. Thank you ! I was wondering if I could ask your permission to use the wonderful photo (with proper attribution to you, of course), along with the poem, in my poetry blog , Strewn Ashes , where I post the various poems I do along with the visuals.
        Do let me know either way. …. Thank you …


    1. Swaram, Ritu, Deeps, Priya, Indy, Chica – Thank you to you all – girls are very observant…see even before you read the tag, you’ve noticed the Z formation in the fields… Love you all… 🙂 🙂

      Indy – Oh dear…OOPSY…made u nostalgic….Why dont u come over for a visit ????

      Nu – Wah, wah, what lovely words….surely I’ll be thinking of this pic whenever I see black clouds. 🙂 Thank you. 🙂


  2. Rabba Rabba Meeh barsa.. saade khothe Daane pa 🙂

    beatuiful pic, I would be standing in the courtyard looking out for the clouds to come and RAIN… our house is right in middle of our fields and the vilalge starts a bit furthur

    Reminded me of HOME …


      1. asking the god to let rain fall, so the crops gets water , which we harvest and then have our store-room full of grain..

        Rabba:- Bhagwan – god
        Meeh:- rain
        barsa:- shower
        Kothe:-Store room
        Daane:- Seeds , grains

        there you go 🙂


      2. So beautiful Bikram….thank you for those lovely words and the wonderful translation too. 🙂 While everyone reads this comment, let the Gods hear them and give us ample rains and grains. 🙂


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