Technology fun !!!

Wires, wires everywhere

The topic is TECHNOLOGY at Thursday Challenge – Photography for fun !!!

This post doesn’t end here….you just cannot walk away after seeing this wired and weird picture !!!! 😉 😉

Come on, be a sport and identify the wires and how many are there too !!! 🙂


The answers to the tangled wires :

Sony MP3 Player headphones – the one in black
Nokia mobile hands-free – the one in grey
Sony Cyber Shot Camera interface cable with integrated AV and USB connectors
Charger with a USB interface

So, all in all, 4 cables.


Check your answers and tell me if you’ve got it right. 🙂 😉


71 Replies to “Technology fun !!!”

            1. That Grrr is for you Umaa !! 😀 😀 😀

              because of — “With wifey sent away, your vayaru will certainly crave for the food she makes” & “someone is really keen to see her, huh” and also that comment which you left in my blog when I mentioned soooo many times that shes already here and that post of mine was a conversation wid her as soon as she came home on tuesday !! Phew !!!


              1. Enna ivvalavu kovam….porumai…porumai….

                How u bug us all the time with totally unrelated questions on WW and other picture posts !!! Tit for tat…. 😉 LOL 😆


  1. 1. Silver head phone
    2. Sony headphones
    3. Camera connector (usb – two to go in the camera audio video)
    4. another usb connetor that goes into the charger
    5. charger connector

    ishhhhhhhhhhhh i hope this is right he hehehe dont know if thats charger or what seems to be a conenctor more like for different points, 2.0 usb, then the audio-video connecotr (AV) an another small usb connector

    so tell tell tell


  2. 4 accessories in all:
    – a Sony stereo hands-free
    – a grey colored hands-free
    – a camera interface cable with integrated AV and USB o/p interface
    – a Charger for a USB I/F

    I hope the entangled cables get untangled!!


          1. Thanks – I had to zoom the pic quite a bit stay convinced that the AV & USB connectors were from a single cable. Honestly, I hate these mess(h)y cable stuff although the microtech evolution has shrunk the world !!! !


  3. I am a bit late as far guessing goes, but with the mad-week I have had my brain’s wires would have gone short-circuit had I even attempted to guess what this wire mesh was 😀 😀
    You are fantastic with the Thursday theme posts 😛


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