The Idly Story – Left over part

The leftover of yesterday’s Idlies were made into an awesome Idly Upma / Idly Usili. The Idlies in some form seem to rule the breakfast table in my home. 😉

After drooling on Idly + Sambar + Chutney combo yesterday, it’s the turn for you all to drool over this amazingly simple yet delicious Idly Upma. 🙂

Idly Upma

– Refrigerate the left-over Idlies overnight. It helps in crumbling them better.

– Crumble the idlies well.

– Put oil in a pan, tadka with mustard, broken urid dhal, green chillies and curry leaves.

– Add one onion, finely cut. Put in a pinch of haldi (turmeric powder).

– Fry well.

– Add the crumbled idlies and mix well.

– I usually reduce the green chillies and add our favorite Idly Milagai Podi, for more flavor.

– Squeeze half a lemon and garnish with coriander leaves.

There you go, the easy recipe to a delicious breakfast. 🙂

Now, now, drool some more…

Droolworthy picture, na ???

So, do you do this at home ????


57 Replies to “The Idly Story – Left over part”

    1. OOH…the deep fried idlies absorb more oil, like frying the bread. They call it Kheema idly here in Tamil nadu. 🙂

      Its always idli upma for us. 🙂 Some days, we make idlies to specifically make this upma. 🙂 Its such a fav.


  1. I prefer idly as idly, anyday! 😀 Mom used to make this sometime, but i’ve never relished it much! Coz i know i’m having idly not in its original form! Yeah. Am THAT crazy about idly 😀 😀


  2. This is called being MEAN.. and having a LAUGH over it toooooo BAD VERY BADDDDDDDDDdddddddddddddddddddddd

    What shud i do now stuck in office, and lunch still 3 hours away only 10 AM yet ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh



  3. I thought you were going to mention about chilly idlis!!!
    Hey this is one thing I’ve never had…will ask mom to try it next time I m home…
    I never make idlis at my place anyway :mrgreen:


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