The HAIR of all problems…OOPS !!!

Believe it or not….in the past 10 days, people have been pouring their problems over to me. And guess what…everything is related in some way to the Hair.  And the most common grumble was “I don’t like my hair”.

If its curly, they want it straight.

If its wavy, they don’t like it at all.

If it’s too straight, they always complain.

Most of the people want some different kind of hair than what they have.  I suppose its human tendency to want, whats not there for them.

And so people go to salons or to hair-stylists to create the style they want, with whatever kind of hair they have.

And I can assure you that not everyone is satisfied with the results of hair styling.

I do remember a friend of mine who hurriedly went to Jawed Habib salon, when they opened near our home. He was a great stylist, but he cannot be there in all the branches of his salon. And one of the stylists there totally spoiled  her hair.

And then, there were the kinds like me, who were never allowed to even trim the hair.  Me and my sister will trim it on the third day after New Moon Day – we considered it auspicious for such a dare-devil act. And what big trim – it’ll be hardly 2 cm or max 1 inch – nobody can even tell a difference in the length – but we used to do it behind closed doors. It was thrilling for me then.  But the habit has just stayed with me – I don’t trim more than an inch, at any given time. It’s hard to see the tress falling down at my feet.

I need to tell about my other friend’s utter dare-devil act here. This happened about 30 years ago, when hair cuts or hair trimming were totally banned for girls and it was the time, when the girls listened to their parents on these things – at least in strict orthodox families, such rules existed. This friend’s youngest sister had such long, thick, black beautiful hair, something I would die for. But alas, she was not happy with it – the law of Human Tendency. 😉

So, my friend took her to some salon, near her house, warned her of the consequences, like the verbal bout from parents and helped her to change from long length hair to short bob-cut hair. The dare-devil girls were totally prepared for anything.

Having got back home, this little sister happily took all the scoldings and quietly went to her room. But she was happy. She has cut her hair and she knew very well that no amount of scoldings can make the hair grow in an instant.

I smiled at the contradiction – 30 years back, my friend’s sister did the bold act of getting a bob-hair cut done.  Now, Parachute claims that “Khoobsurat hai badna” !!!! 😉 😉 Now, those mind-boggling hair oils in the markets are all aiming to make people grow their hair. 🙂

So, have you styled your hair, at least once ???? Did you like the result ????

Do you love long hair or short length hair ????


32 Replies to “The HAIR of all problems…OOPS !!!”

  1. My hair is too much silky and straight.I always wanted curly hair.I never oil my hair but inspite of washing my hair twice a week,my hair is always oily.Who ever sees me says u have oiled ur hair,on my wedding day also people asked me whether i oiled my hair,i love my silky hair but i hate it becomes oily.

    I used to have blunt cut until i finished my college later on i started growing,now i have medium length,thin and silky hair which i am loving it.


  2. Till two years back, I had long straight hair. Couple of years back, I cut it shorter and loved the change. But I am not a regular in upkeep though. I need to get a new cut in a month or two. What place do you recommend Uma? 🙂


  3. interesting post 😀 I crib too about my hair….kept cribbing that I kept losing it, until at least three different stylists remarked that I have healthy, dense hair. Now I’m just hoping it’ll become more manageable 😛 I don’t think I’m up to maintaining too-long hair, so I’ll settle for hair that’s two inches below my shoulders…and yes, this I realised only when I got it cut too short. Now using parachute and waiting for it to grow 😛


  4. oh I love my hair the way they are:silky,shiny ,thin and wavy 🙂 I get my hair cut every 6 months and I’m proud of my hair stylist too…

    So as of now no hair problems…will come to you for sure if I have one 🙂


  5. I had long wavy hair, and used to braid it. I always missed the school bus because I never knew how to manage them well. One day, after being scolded, I simply cut the braids off (did not even bother un-braiding them!) I loved the feeling of wind through the hair, I loved the fact that just brushing them slightly kept them well groomed. My mother after one shocked “Yeh kya kiya!” was okay with it. I’ve never grown them long again


  6. I loved this post 😀

    I love long straight silky smooth hair. I had wavy frizzy sort hair that would turn into the fibre of a coconut if I started growing it. Once I started earning, went to a salon, spent 6000 rs, got it straightened. Have been maintaining that look for 4 years now and trying to grow my hair as well 😀


  7. I always crib ’bout my hair at any given point of time! They are straight and thin, but shiny and silky, that not a hairclip stands on it for 5 mins. My mom keeps scolding me if I let my hair loose, but that’s the way I like it! But I am considering to change this hairstyle for sometime now or at least cut it short! Naturals (at anna nagar) are good at hair-do! I’ve also gone through similar trauma of cutting the hair after 3 days of “ammavasai” 🙂


  8. I love my hair, they are wavy and stylish. I have had them stay real short when I was a little girl and grew them to a tie-able length only around two years back (first time ever in my life).
    I am not much into hair products and haven’t ever colored them 😀 😀
    The only point where I spend time,money and extra attention to my hair is on accessories and hair cuts by stylists 😀 😀

    This was a very interesting post Uma 😀 😀


  9. Hi, I always had long hair, almost a few inches below my waist. I got almost 8 inches cut from the length only a few months back. What a relief that was!! Apart from the fact that I could now try on n number of hairstyles, what shocked and relieved me was the weight!!.. Almost a kilo had gone off from my head! I got married and moved from South India to North India.. I had NEVER faced cold climates.. the first one there, and hair wash looked like a Herculean task!!! I cut my hair during the second winter.. this January. 🙂 Never regretted. One thing.. everyone who has long hair wish for short hair because you can not do more than 2 hair styles in long hair.. u can not bind them in a pony, they fall down due to the weight.. the maximum u can do is maybe try different fringes on the forehead and have a lonnnng plait behind. Ridiculously long hair DONOT look good when left open too.. let me clear that, apart from being a pain to handle. Ultimately, it becomes too boring. And you look very mature, a few years older than your age with long hair in a plait.
    But I am happy with both. 🙂 Growing them again. When I cut my hair, the best compliments I recd were that I am looking child-like young again. It was worth!!


  10. Heehee.. At any given time, I’m usually cribbing about my hair.
    Mine are curly and mid-length. I have styled it..but I only get them to blow dry and let it fall loose. I don’t like styles that involve too much maintenance. I crib but i’m also lazy you see 😉


  11. I had looong hair till I got to the 12 grade..and by which I mean up to my butt. And my hair is thick and wavy. It use to take the entire day for my hair to dry up (without a blow-drier). So I fought and fought with Maa and got them cut..err down to my shoulder. The parlor lady kept the rest of my hair to make a wig out of it.

    After the cut I realized it the length that makes my hair somewhat manageable. Else the fluff up like Sai baba’s hair.

    Since then I have found styling products and my hair grows I experiment with styles and length and then let my hair grow as I feel like.

    So no complains..I love my hair..


  12. Haha! Lovely post Uma! Oh yes hair cuts were such a big seal years ago! Nowadays I wish I had more hair to even think of styling! Each pregnancy had lead to more and more hair fall, and now I’m left with so little, no style is even possible! ! Lol!


  13. I remember the first time I cut my waist-length hair when I was 14, the stylish showed me how much hair I would lose – as a warning. She didnt want me bursting into tears later on!!! 😀 😀 LOL! I aint that emotional!!

    This friend’s youngest sister had such long, thick, black beautiful hair, something I would die for.
    sheesh 😐 ppl really dont appreciate what they have! i’d kill to have it!!


  14. I am the first male here ! 😀 😀 😀

    Cant relate to the post at all. But yes, even I have had bad hair days. Not with mine, but with hers ! There are a lot of strands here and there. ewwwww…..


  15. lol! You’re right! I’ve been blessed with long, thick , jet black hair which I don’t like too much. I could have been your friend’s sister. Got my long tresses cut into a short bob some 10 years ago. The saloon lady dint charge me too much, she said she’d get a lot more by making a wig outa my hair 😀

    I love experimenting with my hair. So every couple of months, I take the scissors and snip bangs or flicks myself 😀 Noone to blame if things go wrong 😀


  16. I love long hair, but sadly my hair never has never grown beyond my shoulder. Even though my parents had thick healthy hair, those genes never passed on to me :(. So I keep my hair short.

    I’m trying to grow Namnam’s hair as the texture of her hair is much better than what I had when small. Hope I’m able to. Never know what she may want when she grows up, you know ;).

    You’re abs right about human tendency. We always crave for something we cant or dont have.

    Very nice post, Umseee… its good to be reading you again 🙂


  17. I always had long thick hair; so much so that even the parlour lady would say she would never cut them if she had to 😉
    Hyderabad and it’s salt water ensured I moved away from it by causing too many probs 😛 It was only yrs bk when I sported anything other than my long hair – a step cut and may be I will have it till I return back to Bangalore 🙂

    Nice post Ums 🙂


  18. reminds me of my first “major’ mom was sooo fond of the concept of girls having hair till knees stuff thaht she used to take ‘immense’ care of my hair and in third std i had hair till my waist. and then when she passed away..all had one problem!!! who will take care of a 9-yr old’s hair!!! and my brother took me to a local barber and chopped my hair till my shoulder!! i felt so “”””shy”””” !! i had the feeling that i had lost my clothes 😛 i refused to meet anyone that weekend..and was damn shy to go to school as well!


  19. Oh man had i told my parents or even touched my HAIR . I can tell you one thing I would have been thrwon out of the house.. and slapped tooo..
    But i did do the bold act when i came over to UK, I got them cut in the second year and now i do change styles , I have tried long hair, short hair , Bald everything its fun i guess.. but yeah i do have this ambition that one day i will again keep long hair and tie my turban 🙂

    nice one


  20. Long hair or short hair? Uma, I would love to have any sort of hair!!! Mine;s so pathetic… I feel its a complete waste of money even going to a parlour to have it cut. All it needs is two snaps of an ordinary scissors 😦


  21. Very cute post. Yes, I have very straight hair and a while ago, they used to be silky and thick.. and growing up, I was very jealous of people with wavy/curly hair and they would be of mine.
    Of course, with pregnancy hormones…the quality of hair went out through the window!
    Whenever I go for a haircut, i do drastic changes… come one, a haircut should show.. else whats the point 😉 So last year, i cut 11 inches of my hair, into a long A bob. This year, once again they are short short. Like really short. Just above my ears short. Hehe. And I love them.
    They always look styled. I am never looking for ruber bands and I take longer to comb my daughter’s hair than my own. Hehe
    So yes.. now growing them… to see next year what can I do… hopefully they would be at least shoulder length!


  22. ooh! My hair! Its unmanageable, rough and wavy!
    I had really long, thick hair which I didn’t like! (of course!)

    But, now, its medium length and I love it like this (length-wise)!
    I get it cut, styled and coloured once in 6 months and enjoy that as well! 🙂


  23. Ooh, a post after my heart!

    I HATE my hair. I have super dense, very frizzy, with ripples all over, curly hair, thanks to my mom and my south Indian genes. I had it very long , till graduation and the only thing I could do was plait my hair. Then ofcourse, I grew up. Chopped it off.

    Now, for the past 4 years I have been regularly straightening my hair. Habib spoilt my hair too, but I finally found a good place. 6 months the hair looks awesome, the next4, I need an iron, which I use dilligently! I know, bad bad torture for the poor hair, but then I have enough to spare for breakages and falls! Currently, my hair is at it’s shortest, just about shoulder length, and I love it :)!


  24. Human wants are unlimited, men are never satisfied with what they have, very true, be it their looks, their hair, their work, wealth, etc. For a lady, hair problem is a growing concern and so, the companies are making good profit advertising and selling various products which are meant to do wonders for their skin and hair. So a confused and determined consumer tries out every new product available in the market, spending a good amount of her savings, hoping to get a headful the next day. The mushrooming salons, hair care centers, homeopaths, ayurveds, all aim at the same issue- in the quest of grooming and replenishing hair, but there is no end to it. With changing times, styles changed, colours changed, products changed, yet the concerned remained dissatisfied. Is it worth?


  25. I have done a couple of the ‘cutting hair short and shocking people’ stuff. Both times I had long hair up to my waist and pfffft it was all gone! Even the lay at the parlor didn’t want to cut my hair! 😉
    I wrote about one incident here:
    Once, a 11 year old daughter of a friend, who admired my long hair so much was so shocked, she dragged her Dad out to tearfully show him how I had cut my hair short. Poor girl, I felt so sorry for her and wished I hadn’t cut my hair. 😦 😛


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