The Shiva playing a Veena at Srisailam

64 Replies to “WW-11”

  1. I have a pic right next to this idol 🙂
    Oh, have you been to Mallelateertham then? I thought those falls were the most beautiful ever! Especially the setting!


    1. Then you put it up in your WW, DI !!! LOL !!! 😉

      Oh, I couldn’t – it was raining quite heavily and they asked us to get back fast, as they were planning to close the roads…. 😦


  2. Shiva and Veena ???? somethings not right here ! 😀 😀 😀 Isnt he supposed to be all fearsome and wild ??? This is more like a Yash Chopra version of Sholays Gabbar Singh !!! 😀 😀


    1. Not all the time…Shiva is gentle hearted generally, its only when he gets angry, does he do the wild dance and become ferocious. 🙂

      You and your comparisons…. 🙄


      1. Oh, I guess he was gentle hearted and then after his wedding, he became frustrated, angry and what not !!! These days, even I feel like doing the thaandavams at home ! 😀 😀


        1. Che che…read the mythological stories properly…its certainly not a trait after the wedding. May be its for you… 😉

          I get a vague idea of that thandavams in ur home – you trying to hop and balance yourself among the vessels thrown at you, right ??? 😉 😉 And u call this balancing act as thandavam huh !!! 😉


  3. I am going to go with the last comment .. Shiva is supposedly all fearsome and strong and not into music 🙂

    but then Gods have mysterious way.. One of those times I guess ..

    nice pic…


    1. Bikram, just see the song video in one of the comments above…even though its from a movie, it does says a lot about the interest in music for Shivji. 🙂 If he can dance so well, he certainly should have an ear for music !!! 🙂

      Thanks. 🙂


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